With Trey Songz little visit to the UK last week and giving our very own, Trevor Nelson the World Exclusive 1st play of his new single “Change Your Mind” from his upcoming 6th studio album on 1xtra on Friday. We thought it only right we share with you why we are following Trigga on Insta.

1. Trey has the biggest heart and doesn’t think twice about helping out those less fortunate. All together now. Awwwwwwwww

2. His smile could warm the coldest of hearts. Actually I think I just had a heart attack.

#TRIGGA She like it when I smile….

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3. He gets his kit off. Need I say more!

4. Oh My I’m actually starting to lose my will to speak

#TRIGGA #NANA Rosa Edit 😍😍😍 @rosaacosta

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5. Even covered in sweat you just have the urge to kiss those lips

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6. He certainly wasn’t wrong when he came up with the song “Panty Wetter”


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7. Despite being damn FIIIINNNNNE!!!!!! He’s pretty damn talented too.


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8. He is simply an Angel sent from heaven….

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Words by Zehra Phelan @filmmadzed

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