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Brits are a nation of daters. With the rise of sites such as Match, eHarmony, My Single Friend,, Green Singles, JDate, and Zoosk, it’s fair to say there are more dating sites in 2016 than ever – with one bound to suit everyone’s particular interests.

And since the launch of Tinder back in 2012, apps have also lead the way in the romance stakes, with Grindr, Bumble, Happn, Whatifi, Howaboutwe, Voicecandy and Double all enabling dates everyday around the UK.

So, you’ve found a new match, but what to do? Deal site aggregator site asked 1,000* Brits which activities appeal for a first date and some surprising results came back…

Seeing the sights…

Just over a quarter of all total Brits questioned, at 27%, claimed they’d like to do a city tour for a first date. This option appealed the most to Brits aged 35-44, at 36%, but to those aged 65+ the least, at just 21%. Regionally, a city tour appealed to 30% of Londoners, while appealing to 36% of those from Yorkshire. And it seems ladies prefer seeing the sights to men on a date, as weighing in at 31% to 22%, respectively.

If music be the food…

While choosing the right band and musical genre might take some thought, 27% of Brits in total asked said a music concert would appeal for a first date, with a greater 34% of those aged 45-54 stating so. And while only 20% of those asked from Yorkshire preferred this option, the least number of recipients regionally, a greater 36% of those from the South West agreed music could be the food of first love. 

By land, sea or sky…

Many Brits opt for action-packed first dates. Just over a quarter surveyed, at 26%, stated riding the waves on a boat trip would appeal. A fifth of Brits, at 20%, would enjoy a walking tour, 14% a helicopter ride, 12% go-karting and a brave 4% would pick sky-diving for a first date.

Something for the weekend…

And some like it chilled. 10% of Brits stated a spa date would appeal and even 3% picked yoga for a first date.And an incredible 1% of Brits asked stated pole dancing lessons or a boudoir photoshoot would be a great first date scenario. 

Though it seems Brits may still be a traditionalist nation at heart, as 80% in total of those questioned agreed the more conservative option of drinks and dinner also appeals.

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