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Top 7 Tips for Students Moving House

moving home

Let’s face it, we are probably likely to move house several times during our student years due to all sorts of reasons. Such as: Upgrading from a room in Student Halls to a shared house, falling out with our housemates (it doesn’t just happen in Big Brother), falling in love, falling out of love, the landlord wants you out –...

Cheltenham Festival 2019

cheltenham festival

Few events in the sporting calendar can compete with the spectacle of Cheltenham. We preview a festival that will leave the uninitiated hooked and kickstart a storybook tradition that they will come back to annually. Brace yourself. For there are only a few metaphorical furlongs to go before Cheltenham is on our doorstep. It does not match the glitz and...

How to avoid sleepless nights before your wedding

how to avoid sleepless nights before your wedding

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale that eating cheese before bedtime will give you nightmares – but how else could the food you eat affect your sleeping habits? Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate whether eating and what you eat before you turn-in, impacts your sleeping patterns. Sleep is one of the key ways that our body replenishes and...

5 x copies of BLINDSPOTTING to giveaway – Download now or on DVD/Blu-ray 4th February

Blindspotting movie still 2

To celebrate the digital release of BLINDSPOTTING (Out to Download now on DVD/Blu-ray 4th February) we have 5 x copies to giveaway on DVD. BLINDSPOTTING is a bold new movie about friendship and tension on the streets. A break-out festival hit not to be missed. Collin (Daveed Diggs), a parolee facing his final three days of probation, needs to stay clear...

How do Different European Cities Commute?


The daily commute is something that millions of people do each day in the major cities around Europe. It is interesting to see how different places around the continent have different preferred methods of travelling to and from work each day and there are some relatively new methods which are quickly gaining popularity in places all around Europe. England Starting first at...

Will Millennials Vape or Smoke?


Years ago, people didn’t have access to electronic cigarettes. There was no alternative to smoking, so naturally, it’s what everyone did. At one time it was even advertised as being healthy. However, we’ve come a long way since then and now we obviously understand the serious dangers smoking presents. That’s why the electronic cigarette was developed and started to be sold...

Get Sky Entertainment + Fibre Unlimited for £37 p/m in the Sky Flash Sale

Sky Flash Sale

The Sky FLASH SALE goes live on Friday 18th January until Monday 21st. You'll get Sky Entertainment + Fibre Unlimited for only £37 p/m... YIKES! Simply go to NOW and get this unbelievable offer.

New Year’s resolutions: Staying productive in work

Staying productive in work

With the Christmas period now done and dusted, it’s time to look ahead to 2019 and set ourselves the inevitable New Year’s resolutions. For many of us, the hardest part after Christmas is going back to work and settling back into our everyday routines. One New Year’s resolution we often hear is how people want to make the most out...

Your Guide to Bankruptcy Proceedings


The first thing you need to do when considering bankruptcy is to work out if it’s actually the best solution for you. While becoming bankrupt gives you a fresh start, it can also have serious and far-reaching consequences upon your life for several years. It’s vital that you get advice before setting out on this path, so get some help...

Best Christmas present ideas for a Harry Potter fan

harry potter gifts

Finding Christmas presents for the Harry Potter fan in your life might seem hard at first – they’ve got all the books, all the gear and all the films. But luckily for you, there’s so much more to explore. From gorgeous candles to magical tours, you can give them the best Christmas present. Plus, you can find great gifts that...

A guide to student life in Aberdeen

Student Life in Aberdeen

Located along Scotland's north-east coast where the Dee and Don rivers meet, Aberdeen is rich in history and surrounded by stunning countryside. A compact city, you can walk from the centre to the harbour in just a few minutes. As a student in Aberdeen, you will feel at home in no time as you enjoy beach days in the summer...

Best new year gifts for your girlfriend 2018

Best new year gifts for your girlfriend 2018

Usually, girls hint at what they would like to get for the New Year in all possible ways. Despite this, many guys still find it difficult to make the choice of a gift. The best advice would be not to delay the preparation for the holiday season until the last minute. But what is mainly important, before choosing a present...

An opportunity for the UK citizens to visit the USA with ESTA

travel to USA

Running a small business can be full of difficult processes but if you are looking to expand your market to the US, it is worthwhile knowing that the ESTA USA application makes it easier for business people to make multiple trips to the US. Previously, a visa USA application was required which could take much longer to process but the...

Dental 101: Tips for a Healthier Smile


We all want to look in the mirror and see a beautifully white, pearly smile in the reflection. However, beneath those pearly whites can lie a whole multitude of dental problems which can affect your short-term or even long-term. This means that taking care of your teeth – and especially keeping them healthy – is crucial to your dental hygiene. Below...

Driving safely in poor weather – Top tips for surviving the probable big chill

You could be the most experienced and skilful driver in the world, but when it comes to poor weather conditions Mother Nature can sometimes have the upper hand. With the seasons about to change and more unpredictable weather on the way, double checking your MOT and motor insurance is all up-to-date is your first point of call as well as...

Good reasons to take up postgraduate study after a break from uni


Finishing your Bachelor's degree is the culmination of three years' hard work, no matter how hard you may have partied during your studies. For many graduates, it can even feel like college and school before it was all part of the prelude to that elusive afternoon of the cap, gown, and degree presentation. That’s a lot of pressure for anyone,...

Bringing Your Workplace Together


The workplace is a second home for most people, especially if it’s a nine to five job. Lots of employees spend more than half of their day heading to work, staying in the office, taking lunch and dinner breaks, and getting home. It’s problematic to merge your comfort of being around friends to being around workmates. There are issues of...

SKY TV Black Friday – Free 43″ UHD LG TV with Sky Bundle offer £55 per month

Sky Black Friday

Sky's amazing Black Friday offer has now gone live. Receive a  Free 43" UHD LG TV when you sign up to the Sky Black Friday bundle for £55 per month... Yikes! The Sky Black Friday bundle includes: ✔ Sky Entertainment: over 300 channels including Sky Atlantic ✔ New Ultimate On Demand: Sky Box Sets & Netflix ✔ Sky Cinema: over 1,000 movies on demand ✔ Sky Q Experience: Ultra HD & multi-room...

Are you a Hero? Take the RAC quiz and find out


Do you consider yourself to be a selfless person? Would you stop everything to help someone in need? We all like to think we would stop to assist someone at the side of the road or step in if we spotted someone in need, but in the heat of the moment would we be the person who steps up to...

Win a copy of Uncle Drew on DVD – Out Now on DVD and Blu-ray

Uncle Drew First Look Photo

Today sees the DVD & Blu-ray release of the hilarious basketball comedy Uncle Drew. Starring in the film are four-time NBA champion and Basketball Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal; NBA All-Star Kyrie Irving; five-time NBA All-Star Chris Webber; five-time NBA All-Star, Basketball Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold medallist Reggie Miller; three-time NBA slam-dunk champion Nate Robinson; NAACP Award-winner Erica...

British creatives illustrate their British Black History icons using Adobe Stock

Kia Amoa - Female Black History Icons

To mark Black History Month this October, Adobe Stock has teamed up with three young British illustrators, DorcasCreates, Josh-u-art and KeeksTheLabel to bring to life the people they think are shaping the UK’s black history in iconic art styles.  From newsreader Sir Trevor McDonald to Black Panthers’ Leticia Wright and dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah, these young artists reveal the British people past or present that have resonated with them. This campaign...

Maintain your Kitchen Worktops Easily

kitchen worktop

For a while now in the kitchen design industry, it’s been widely acknowledged that quartz kitchen worktops are leading in the way in the market. It’s not difficult to see why, quartz worktops come in an array of colours, textures and designs, and different slabs seem together almost flawlessly. Quartz also has non-porous characteristics that make them easy to clean...

Harness the Power of Emotional Intelligence to Boost your Poker Skills

boost your emotional intelligence

Everyone is familiar with the term Poker Face even if they’ve never played a hand of Omaha or Texas Hold ‘Em in their lives. The act of staying calm under pressure and not letting your body language influence your thoughts is as much a key to success as the skill involved in playing poker itself. The term is just part of an...

How does charity improve a company’s reputation?

charity reputation

Internationally famous entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have long offered sizeable portions of their wealth to charity. Yet, sometimes the amount a company—or its figurehead—gives isn’t good enough—and even Jeff Bezos, the world’s tenth most charitable billionaire, has been pilloried in the press for being “stingy”. Regardless, donating to good causes has never been more important to businesses...

Fitbit Fitness: Working out Life Insurance

person clicking smartwatch

New research from the UK’s leading comparison site MoneySuperMarket reveals that a third of Brits (33 per cent) currently use a smart device to monitor their health, capturing data that could help identify health issues and affect the way life insurance premiums are calculated. With the number of connected wearable devices set to rise further in 2019,  MoneySuperMarket research reveals...

7 unique ways to be a jobseeker that are worth trying


We all know that it totally sucks to search for a job, but if you're a little more inventive, then it can be quite a fun experience. The following methods are perhaps more suitable for creatives such as photographers, writers, developers, designers, etc. (more so than someone looking for a job at a supermarket), but if you still feel like...

Three horrors of University I wish I’d known about before

Im Ready

As we say goodbye to sun-kissed skin, ice cold drinks and cute boys that only ever seem to come out in the summer (a strange thing to notice, but it’s true), we begin to greet the gloomier version of the UK. The arrival of September, for a lot of you, means either going back to University or making your first...

DIY Ideas for This Year’s Halloween

halloween DIY

While everyone is rushing to the store to get ready for Halloween, it’s easier than ever for those who want to stand out in a creative way to do it without spending too much money on their projects. There are plenty of interesting DIY ideas you can explore for this year’s celebrations, and you don’t even have to be an...

Why New Build Homes Need MVHR Systems

snow christmas

MVHR - Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Retention - systems are perfect for new build homes which are energy efficient as standard. We all want to live in a comfortable environment where the air is clean and pure, but adding insulation to homes and reducing drafts to improve energy efficiency means that they can become stuffy and overheat, and toxins remain...

5 Simple Steps to Renovate Your House

5 Simple Steps to Renovate Your House

So, you have finally decided to renovate your house but you are unsure where to start from. One of the first things you’re thinking right now is whether or not should you do it yourself or hire professional help? Even if you unsure about the details, there’s no reason to worry because we have it all sorted out for you! Scroll down...





Ralph Lauren Sale – 10 top picks with 50% off

You've still got time to make use of the Ralph Lauren Sale and get a quick fashion fix to amp up your fashion collection. The...