Summer is FINALLY here (took its time!). Not sure about anyone else but I’m not one of those people that plan in advance when it comes to my wardrobe… in other words, it gets to June/ July and I start to panic when I stroll into the shops to get some new bikinis and there are none left because everyone else got there first!!

My name is Elz, A.K.A the Witch (childhood nickname), A.K.A @witchespics on the gram. I have a blog (Speaking of Witch) for fellow redheads/ anyone who appreciates sarcastic humour and relatable discussions about modern day culture.

As unprepared as I am for summer, I have at least tried to keep up. I love pink, faux fur, leather, PVC, corsets…. Basically, if a Barbie and a Dominatrix reproduced then their offspring would epitomise my fashion sense. I’ve selected 10 of my top summer wardrobe items from my favourite online stores that I’d 100% recommend for Summer ’17.


  1. Coral Netted Bikini & Bandeau Top


Shannon Bikini - Agent Provocateur
Shannon Bikini – Agent Provocateur

I LOVE these bikini bottoms from Agent Provocateur. They may be a little on the more expensive side, but they are different to the standard bikinis you normally find. I think the shape of the bottoms themselves are very complementary to curves, and the netting adds a nice detailed touch.

Bali Mix and Match Bandeau Top
Bali Mix and Match Bandeau Top – Boohoo

The top is plain coral to match and is only a fiver – happy days.

  1. Pink Tinted Sunglasses:
Pink Tinted Sunglasses
Pink Tinted Sunglasses – Pretty Little Thing

I love this look… these shades are a great accessory to dress up an outfit. They give a really retro look and are definitely in fashion this summer (also they are great if you don’t feel like wearing much eye makeup but still want to look like you made an effort).

  1. Gold Chain Bra:
Milana Gold Diamante Chain Bra
Milana Gold Diamante Chain Bra – Pretty Little Thing

Body jewellery has become increasingly popular in the last few years. I love this chain bra, it’s such a great centrepiece to an outfit. It’s perfect for a holiday as you could wear it out in the evening to a club, or during the day to a beach party as a bikini top *heart eye emoji*.

  1. Pink Fluffy Clutch
Pink Fluffy Clutch
Christah Rose Faux Fur Chain Shoulder Bag – Pretty Little Thing

This is my go to clutch bag. As I said, I love faux fur, so this bag is perfect. It acts as a statement piece on a plain/ dressed down outfit, and can add extra bouji-ness to a dressed up outfit.

  1. Netted T-Shirt Dress
Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Festival Oversized T-Shirt Dress With Diamante Trim
Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Festival Oversized T-Shirt Dress With Diamante Trim – Asos

This netted t-shirt dress is an ideal cover up if you’re going to/ from the beach as it’s lightweight but looks good at the same time.

Alternatively, you can dress it up on a night out. I wore mine with no bra (so you can see a little bit of boob but not too much), with thigh high lace up boots and a corset to add some shape.

Which brings me onto my next choice…

  1. Corsets
Mya Blush Contrast Lace Up Corset Belt - Boohoo
Mya Blush Contrast Lace Up Corset Belt and Jessica PU Corset Belt – Boohoo

Corsets are the GOAT of all clothing accessories at the moment. What’s not to love about something that gives you a tiny waist, can make any baggy t-shirt look stylish and holds in your bloat in if you feel fat!

elz the witch in black corset

I love my black corsets, but I have been waiting for them to bring out coloured corsets and finally, they have! I’ve included links to both a black and a pink corset cause I love them so much.

  1. Red Cut Out Co-Ord
Paige Slinky Bralet And Split Maxi Skirt Co-Ord
Paige Slinky Bralet And Split Maxi Skirt Co-Ord – Boohoo

You can’t go wrong with a co-ord. If I have nothing to wear and I know I need to dress up reasonably sophisticated, then I always go for a co-ord. They are so simple but always make a statement.

This one adds a bit of sex appeal with the double split up each thigh. I love red/ dark red, it goes well with my red hair and makes me feel like a BTEC version of Jessica Rabbit (with rubbish boobs).

  1. Lace Up Heels
lace up barely there heeled sandals nude
Lace up barely there heeled sandals nude – Missguided

These lace up heels are great summer shoes. The laces create an elegant look on your legs, they are both slimming and lengthening, so what’s not to love.

I tend to go for nude heels as they complement an outfit but don’t take attention away from it. These heels go with basically anything, which is why they are a great summer shoe… take these away on holiday and they will be the only pair of heels you need. Efficient packing ey.

  1. Nude Floral High Waisted Mix & Match Bikini
ASOS Premium 3D Flower Triangle Bikini Top
Missguided Clean Bikini with Removable Choker and Asos Premium 3D Flower Triangle Bikini Top

High waisted bikini bottoms are my go to choice. I don’t tan because I’m a redhead and have fair skin, which is shit when it comes to sitting in the sun, but great because you don’t have to limit what kind of bikinis you wear as you aren’t exactly going to get tan lines. I love these bottoms, their shape is great and the colour is neutral so you can mix and match them with anything.

I don’t like my boobs so try to wear bikini tops that distract from them. I like this 3D flower bikini as it stands out, and also makes my boobs look a little bigger than they really are!

  1. Satin Kimono Dress Wrap
Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Kimono In Printed Satin With Rope Belt
Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Kimono In Printed Satin With Rope Belt – Asos

I love Satin Kimonos. I found this one on ASOS and it really caught my eye. The way I would wear this is as a wrap around dress with just underwear underneath, and a pair of nude heels. It would look great at night if you’re going out for dinner/ drinks, a day party… but there are so many ways you can wear a kimono, I’ve included some inspo in the pictures above.

And there you have it!

If you have any questions please get in touch, or just check out my blog J – @witchespics

Ciao for now – Elz, the Witch.

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