We’ve got an exclusive first look at the latest episode of Youtube music-drama Steffi. And if you’ve been waiting for episode four to be unveiled, then your wait is over.

After a terrible start, episode four sees Steffi giving it her all at the casting in the TV Studios – but she’s spotted by a very nasty publicist, played by Quentin James. He begins to realise the potential success in Steffi, and starts to do all her can to get in her way.

The mini-series tells the story of Steffi, a talented girl from a South London council estate, who’s plucked from obscurity and thrust into a world of fame and stardom. The drama features a whole host of big name stars including Lee Boardman, Jasmine Beinburg, Jamal Edwards and Jade Ewen.

Get a sneak peek at episode four above, where Steffi gets ready for her X Factor moment. Enjoy.

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