Fusion masters Levingstone have dropped their very highly infectious Future Soul, Jazz & Rock track ‘One Up.’

‘One Up’ is the first track released by Levingstone showcases a spectacular introduction of the band. It showcases their effortless fusion of genres on top of some lush harmony.

“It’s really a song in three parts, and each part represents an element of the sound that we create together. It’s darkness and introspective musing wrapped up in groove and lush harmony, with just a hint of tongue in cheek,” Sammii Su.

Originally from Sydney, Levingstone is a beautifully crafted five piece creating music that blurs the lines – flawlessly fusing Future Soul, Jazz, Rock & R&B. Levingstone transcends their audiences on a sonic journey with their infectious groove, stand-out vocals and funky beats.

Twitter: @levingstonemusic

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