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Glenn Harrold Releases Pop Ballad ‘Fading Photograph’


Self-help author and celebrity hypnotherapist Glenn Harrold has recently released his newest single ‘Fading Photograph‘ after finding a love for songwriting. The song is his second release of the year and has so far proved very successful.

Glenn has had a very successful career as a hypnotherapist having sold over 8 million Apps and books, but has always retained a love for songwriting and performing. He spent years perfecting his craft and during his teen years was a member of BBC1’s Battle of the Band winners ‘Sugar Ray Five’. Over the years he experimented as a performer and has now settled as a songwriter with the hopes to achieve great things.

Glenn’s latest song Fading Photograph is a true piano ballad and a story of lost love, featuring Dean Rhymes on lead vocals, the track features melodic piano chords layered with a string arrangement.

The single is available worldwide now via all major media stores and is a sign of what is to come from Glenn Harrold in the future. For more information about future releases, Glenn Harrold can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram