Jo Nava Presents Her Debut EP Mind Fuck

The thought-provoking and witty rapper, Jo Nava, introduces herself and her ideas about modern life with no restraint on her brand new and debut EP, Mind Fuck.

Taking influence from Eminem, Alicia Keys and Amy Winehouse, Jo Nava skilfully blends soul with hard-hitting rap.

Having been surrounded by music from the age of 6 when she started learning the piano, Jo Nava wrote and recorded her first raps at the age of 12. Taking influence from old-school hip-hop, Jo Nava uses a base of real instruments to create the beats and builds on her foundation by soulfully rapping, singing and harmonising to create emotive songs that bring focus toward Jo’s meaningful lyrics. Now based in London, the Dutch/Danish singer is becoming well known in the underground circuit she regularly performs on.

Mind Fuck is a conceptual journey through the mind, with each song representing a differing emotion felt when facing certain things throughout life. The sometimes politically fuelled EP takes situations from modern day life to convey these emotions and uses powerful lyrics to encourage us to question the norms and rules we face today. Jo Nava began writing Mind Fuck as a therapeutic process and, as a part of her development as an artist, found that rap was the best way to express her feelings.

At her EP release party, Jo Nava performed alongside chart-topping artist from Beats International, Lindy Layton. Performing a tailored version of the Beats International number 1 hit ‘Dub Be Good to Me’ in Kingston-on –Thames to a packed out crowd.

Listen here

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