Urban pop singer-songwriter Lucy Monciel has recently announced her newest single “Thinking of You” which is set to be released on 12th May 2017.

>The song was born out of a successful collaboration with a Grammy producer from Mexico, Ricardo Padua and went through 100 iterations before even hitting the studio. All vocals, including background vocals belong to Lucy Monciel.

Coming from  Romania, Lucy Monciel had developed a passion for international cultures which bought her close to world music, classical music and now urban pop. On her journey as a songwriter and artist, Lucy has made significant cross-cultural collaborations and, in the long run, has set out to become a unique voice for human emotions and true victory. Even her producer named her a “box of voices” due to her natural ability to reveal various vocal nuances in her singing.

The single ‘Thinking of You’ will be available on 12th May 2017 via all major media providers. More information about Lucy Monciel can be found on social media and her official website.

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