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Composer, writer and producer The Wave has recently released his newest EP Pop Killa The Remixes which features his newest single Pop Killa along with 3 remixes of the song and a track from his forthcoming album which is set to be released in 2018.

The Wave created the EP out of frustration with the music industry. Not hearing anything out there that he was interested in, he embarked upon a project to create music that he wanted to hear whilst working hard to avoid replicating the music of his influences. Pop Killa The Remixes was a solo project for The Wave, allowing him to retain his creative autonomy, and although a challenging and exhausting process the results have been rewarding for him.

“Today you have so many great independent artists who don’t want to be told how to make music, and that’s exactly the movement I want to be a part of.” – The Wave

The Wave describes his remixes of his song Pop Killa in the EP as reinterpretations of the original, each with a different feel. Working with the aim in mind of creating something funky, energetic and fun to listen to from beginning to end. Each remix takes you through the decades, with ‘8-bit E-volution’ a clear 80’s revival, ‘The Darkened Mix’ giving hints of 90’s dark and minimalist with a blend of 90’s hip-hop and ‘The Stardom Mix’ giving a modern vibe with an electro twist. The EP closes with a track from The Wave’s forthcoming album and is a funky slow jam, packed with smooth background vocals, deep analog synths and punchy hybrid drums.

The EP is available to stream and download now via all major media providers and for information about The Wave’s forthcoming album, follow him on his social media accounts.

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