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Seven Foot Knight Takes Over The Streets of London

A seven foot man dressed as a Knight in armour in Oxford Circus, London today as part of the HISTORY's A Big Knight In, which continues tonight with a new episode of Forged in Fire at 9pm. David Parry/PA Wire

The Big Knight took to the streets of London yesterday to adjust to life in the modern age, much to the bemusement of confused commuters.

Members of the public were left gawping when they witnessed the seven-foot medieval visitor attempting to grip daily life in the capital, such as swapping his stead for a Boris Bike, navigating the “Knight” tube and seeking employment for a different type of Lord in Westminster.

Katie Bradshaw from Brixton said Living in London, you get used to meeting people from all walks of life, but generally they tend to be from this time period. I wasn’t expecting to bump into this chap on my way to work!” 

The Big Knight is HISTORY’s latest character and features as part of the channel’s A BIG KNIGHT IN, kicking off with brand new episodes of Forged in Fire every Thursday at 9pm.

Dubbed Bake Off with blades, Forged in Fire brings together the world’s best blade smiths to compete and create history’s greatest weapons using basic materials and tools.

A BIG KNIGHT IN begins with brand new Forged in Fire every Thursday at 9pm on HISTORY.