Sydney’s Prince of Soul Josue features in a fresh new single with US Rapper Why Fi dubbed ‘Worth It.’

The two linked up together on Josue’s recent trip to the states where he partially recorded his forthcoming album.

The single was produced by Maryland native Bugginout and the three came together to create a song about the journey of reaching success and whether it is worth it despite obstacles and adversities along the way.

Being a California transplant by way of Silver Spring, Maryland, Why Fi has diligently been one of hip hop’s most intriguing artists to fly under the radar.

Currently based in Los Angeles, the founder of Asential has big plans for 2017 as he’s getting ready to release his forthcoming project, Sounds In My Head. ‘Worth It’ is part of Why Fi’s second instalment of “ASENTIALWednesdays.”

Josue’s album is also due to drop later this year.

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