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Cheryl Cole

Pop sensation Cheryl Cole is to return to The X Factor judging panel, reuniting her with her ‘frenemy’, X Factor creator Simon Cowell.

One of the UK’s most successful female recording artists, Cheryl has notched up an impressive three number one singles, two number one albums, and a sold out arena tour. As a member of Girls Aloud, Cheryl achieved 20 top ten singles, four number ones and five platinum albums as well as winning a BRIT award.

Cheryl was a judge on The X Factor from series five to series seven, winning the nation over with her heartfelt and honest style, whilst securing victory in two consecutive years – in 2008 with Alexandra Burke and 2009 with Joe McElderry.

Speaking of her return Cheryl Cole said, “I’m very happy and excited to be returning to The X Factor. I’m inspired and ready to find new talent and potential pop stars. It’s going to be a fun series.”

Are you happy Cheryl Cole is returning to the show?

Simon Cowell, who confirmed his return to the UK show last month, said, “I am so happy that Cheryl has agreed to join The X Factor again. The last time we worked together in the UK was incredible and produced some really successful artists. Obviously the plan is to do the same again… so it’s back to work!”


A shocking new ad from anti-cyberbullying charity The Cybersmile Foundation shows a teenage victim of cyberbullying becoming suicidal. The ad was created to emphasise the importance of not retaliating to ‘trolls’ when provoked

A total of 38% of young people in the UK have been affected by cyber-bullying, according to Government figures released this year.  There have also been many high-profile cases of cyberbullying, with young celebrities who have fallen victim to online abuse speaking out.

Cheryl Cole spoke out about her experience of cyberbulling saying that ‘In the last few years, I’ve been bullied on Facebook and Twitter. It’s evil and very public.’

Singer Cher Lloyd has admitted to getting “at least ten tweets a day saying I’m a dirty pikey”. Cher spoke out in detail on how she felt while being cyberbullied:

“Me as a person, when I was going through that certain time, when I was getting all this online abuse, I became completely cut-off from everything. I didn’t want to go out of the house, I didn’t want to speak to anyone. I didn’t want to do anything just in case something really bad happened to me.”

While Jesy Nelson, of the pop-band Little Mix, spoke out after getting abuse on Twitter over her size: “When you’ve got your own insecurities and then when people go and tell you and write them on websites for everyone to see it just makes you feel really rubbish”.

Olympian diver Tom Daley shamed his troll last year when he tweeted: “After giving it my all…you get idiots sending me this…RT @Riley_69: @TomDaley1994 you let your dad down I hope you know that.”

Cybersmile Foundation founder, Scott Freeman, said: “Do not retaliate is the single most important piece of advice that we can give to a potential victim of cyberbullying. If followed, the advice helps to reduce anxieties and allows for clearer thinking at a time when somebody is making a very real, life or death decision. During production of #DONTRETALIATE, there were three cyberbullying related suicides in the UK.  We just hope that the film is well supported and reaches the people that need to see it.  If this film saves just one life, it has all been worthwhile.”image-1

In the film, a young girl who is receiving abusive messages and texts is shown being followed around by a rope tied in a noose – symbolising her suicidal thoughts.

As the cyberbullying continues, the rope slowly lowers over her head and tightens round her neck. She goes about her everyday life wearing the noose, but her family and friends are not able to see it.

The film, called #DONTRETALIATE, ends with a depiction of the all too common

The most cozy and easy to wear trend has to be this seasons sweatshirt trend.  Hood, zips or a simple pullover, whether you’re hitting the gym, or working the luxe sportswear trend, sweatshirts are versatile wardrobe must-haves.

Team your hoodie with jeans for comfort and cool or go for a bright zip up hoodie for windy autumn nights. Choose from some of the biggest brands in an array of colours from grey marl, black and primary brights.

We’ve picked our Flavourmag Fave Five ways to wear a sweatshirt this autumn with inspiration from some stylish celebrities.


Rihanna coordinated two tones of grey in this simplistic look, comfortable and stylish she teamed her Rodarte jumper  and Comme Des Garçons hightops with a basic jersey skirt.  This would be an ideal look for college or for jet setting in complete comfort like Riri.


Charlize Theron wears her classic preppy chic.  A smart shirt underneath and casual jeans, team with an oversize tote and this season’s biker boots.  The perfect outfit to hit the high street for some retail therapy or the school run in style.



Alexa Chung as always effortlessly chic, a bright floral mini from Celine and a printed Bella Freud ”Je T’aime Jane” pullover. Cute black loafer’s and you’re ready for your date.


Sweater for a night on the town? Cheryl Cole show us how in this dazzling high shine, burgundy and silver leather look. She teamed another big trend of the season, leather trousers with gold, metallic heals for a show stopping sports lux ensemble.



Jessica Alba colour blocks to perfection in a bright teal sweatshirt with pillar box red cigarette pants and canary yellow bag. She off sets the brights with a black leather jacket and monochrome shoes.  The brightens of the colours makes this outfit look super high end and perfect for the office.


Back in the day vinyl (which has now sadly become almost defunct) was informative because it encouraged you to look at the back cover and see who was behind the latest banger that you were so keen on owning for your collection. Nowadays with downloadable music it’s less likely that you will get info on the people behind the track.

So where am I going with this short nostalgic look at vinyl?

Well I am going to Jackie Boyz the Georgia born brothers who have been dropping some of the biggest tracks in the charts for the last four years from some of the biggest artists right now think: Madonna, Cheryl Cole, 50 Cent, Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. Don’t feel a way that you may not have known them because in truth I was not aware how prolific they were as songwriters until I met the humble duo when they visited LDN.

Since giving Flo-rida his huge hit four years ago with Sugar ft Wynter Gordon (2009) which became a platinum selling album it’s been a continuous stream of placements that have kept them busy. Ironically the platinum selling record for Flo-rida which gave them their first hit could have just as easily been the end as Steve the tallest of the brothers details.

“Flo-rida was difficult he did not really care for the song [Sugar] he did not think it was going to do what it did. When we met, he did not say anything and we did not know how to feel. His team were saying they would figure it out but he just kept quiet the whole time. It was really difficult because nothing is worse than silence! We had everyone in the room and this was our first placement and so they were looking at us like this is your make or break chance.” He adds still evidently able to recall that moment with a vivid clarity “The executives really pushed the track however because they wanted him to go more urban/pop rather than urban. I think the issue was he was possibly not ready for the UK and the world with that type of music. He wanted to do what he wanted I expect but now if you ask him about pop music he obviously loves it I am sure!”

Of course no story of success is complete without a fair degree of life’s trials-this is indicative of success stories before the success! The death of their father was the first of two tragedies to hit the young brothers-“It has been a lot of hard work and a lot of emotional things in life to deal with” says Carlos the older of the two brothers, “We told ourselves that we are going to go out to LA and try and make a name for ourselves. We had about two hundred bucks on us and used the bus (because we could not afford the plane ticket). The first day we only made fifty dollars and we are like ‘man are we sure this is what we want to do?’ We went out again and played our music and the next time we made about two hundred and eighty bucks just off the street and things just went from there”

The catalyst for such a daring journey came from the second tragedy to hit them with the sad and untimely death of their mother (Jackie) who clearly helped to instil the great characteristics needed to make such a bold choice and evidently gave the group its name.

“My mum always talked to us about camaraderie and sticking together so we were always discussing this thing of being in a group together.” States Steve, “So when she did die we were in one more group before we became Jackie Boyz-we just woke up one morning and decided that we should stop all this stupid stuff with groups and stay with the core. Carlos even predicted it when he was fourteen he said: ‘you know what would be a dope group-just me and you?’-Who knew that years later we would be Jackie Boyz with people trying rip our music off the email and trying to leak our stuff”

Carlos adds, “It’s such a blessing and a pleasure that when you say Jackie Boyz you are saying Jackie’s boys. She continues to inspire us in so many ways. I mean Steve and I will automatically think of things that she did in the past and we will laugh about it. Even with future songs we will write them in her honour so we are just constantly inspired by our mother.”

This camaraderie and inspiration of their mother has served them well and so when you meet the two brothers there is a clear sense that they probably do just about everything together and more importantly back each other to the fullest. Furthermore there is a clear lack of competition between the two so when I ask Steve who inspired him his answer his unequivocal?

“Honestly my brother. He grew up listening to a lot of music and that inspired me to want to do music so I would tag along with him in groups (we were in lots of groups) singing on the street and you know one minute my brother would be like ‘you got to be the main singer in this group’ in another he would be no you need to be on backing vocals’ but it was all cool. Other artists would be the Temptations, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye-growing up and watching those guys was just such an inspiration.”

The Marvin Gaye reference holds particular significance since this year sees the guys taking on a mammoth yet undoubtedly hugely rewarding job of creating the Marvin Gaye soundtrack for the film that is officially out sometime next year. Independent projects are also the order of the year of the year and 2013 sees them entering relatively un-chartered ground.

“We are putting out our record with DJ Sammy called Shut Up And Kiss Me which is going to be the next big single for Sammy and us.”Steve adds, “We will be shooting a video for that which is a first for us really so that will be very exciting. We also have an event called Jackie Boyz and Friends which is a great live music show we started in LA.”

Carlos seamlessly takes over by adding “We initially thought about just having us perform but then we thought we know so many people that would love to sing and perform there that we decided to call it Jackie Boyz and Friends and last week we did a big club event and five hundred people came.” This was a massive event where the Jackie Boys have used the years providing hits for big names to bring in some huge names.

“Every major executive was there” Appearing to be somewhat surprised, Steve enthuses, Justin Timberlake’s producer was there, Def Jam, RCA it was amazing. So we are doing that every month so the next one is in LA again, then Vegas and we would like that to end in London. We are looking for all UK artists from Rnb, folk we want it all. The night will end with us doing a fifty minute mash up so if people from London want to get involved then let us know”

Having interviewed a few people it’s always clear when an interview has been good because it seems more of a conversation rather than a series of questions fired off for rather uninspiring answers-this was a conversation which was aided by the fact that Jackie Boyz do not seem to have let any notions of fame over take their egos. Case in point when I ask them is there anything they want to add they acknowledge their loved ones? Carlos to his wife and his daughter Michaela, Steve to his girlfriend-very nice.

Jackie’s boys she would be proud!

Jackie Boyz





The UK’s biggest selling girl group of the 21st century Girls Aloud, follow their highly anticipated come-back single with Beautiful ‘Cause you Love Me, which has an impact date of 17th December, through Polydor Records.

The second of four new songs on greatest hits Album, Ten, Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me, produced by Jim Elliot [Kylie, Ladyhawke] and written by new UK songstress Maiday, who penned the No.1 hit ‘Don’t Go’ for Wretch 32, is an touching, emotion drenched ballad. A song so good another artist was clambering to get their hands on it. However, listening to it now, it’s hard to hear how it could ever have gone to anyone else and luckily it settled with its rightful owners.

As soon as Nicola Roberts heard the song – she knew it was destined for Girls Aloud. “After I heard the first line, I said, ‘STOP! That’s our song’,” she laughs. Band-mate Kimberley Walsh agrees: “As soon as I heard it, from the first line onwards, I agreed with Nicola – we had to get that song.” And so it was that Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me officially became a Girls Aloud song.

The definitive UK girlband of the modern pop era, since their first single Sound Of The Underground was released in 2002, Girls Aloud have sold over 4.3million singles, including a staggering 20 top ten singles and four #1s. Each of their five albums have gone platinum or above. In total they have sold over eight million records and have clocked up over 45 million You Tube views, close to six million Facebook likes and three million Twitter followers.

Album, Ten is a collection of the BRIT award-winning group’s singles over the last ten years as well as the four new songs, which the girls have worked on over the past year. It is released on 26th November, through Polydor Records.

Cheryl, Kimberley, Nadine, Nicola and Sarah will be back on tour in February next year with ‘Ten – The Hits Tour 2013’. Tickets are priced at £37.50 / £42.50 regionally and £42.50 / £49.50 in London (subject to booking fee) and are available from For London O2 tickets Luxury Jewellery brand, Pandora, is the official tour sponsor.



MARCH 2013


Girls Aloud know how to make a glamorous comeback. Not only have they re-group and released there new 10th anniversary tour for 2013. It has been announced that Pandora are the new official sponsor for the girl band.

The bracelets are designed from each individual member, putting together their own charms from there own personal memories and past. But the designed bracelets comes at a price, and a big one too. Girls Aloud fans would need to save up a whopping £1,100  for the bracelet designed by Kimberly. The range is expected to be a big seller for the run up to Christmas, breaking the banks of many parents and die hard fans.

Here’s what the Girls had to say about the collaboration  “We are so excited to be working on this partnership with PANDORA. We loved building our bracelets and sharing our stories and unforgettable moments. PANDORA is so versatile and allows you to create something unique and personal to you, our five bracelets reflect our different styles and personalities. We are really looking forward to going back on tour and meeting the lucky PANDORA club members too.”

The girls bracelets are available to buy in PANDORA nationwide from the 19 October. Their new single Something New is also available to pre-order on October 19th at Midnight.


Though he may have only discovered his genuine talent for singing whilst on the X Factor a few years ago, Curtis Moore can now count the likes of Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Aggro Santos as fans. His brand new single ‘Number 1 Girl’ taken from his forthcoming debut album, will undeniably propel him in a stronger position as the spotlight around him grows ever brighter. Flavour caught up with Curtis to discuss X Factor rumours, Cheryl Cole, his ‘number one girl’ and cougars.

What’s the story behind ‘Number 1 Girl’?

It’s about that one in a million girl, the girl who is different from the rest. The song kind of tells a story about that, it wasn’t written about a situation I’m going through, but it was made about that number-one girl whom we all want.

Who’s your number one girl?

I’m still looking for her, I guess she is out there somewhere

Since the X Factor, has it been easier for you to meet girls?

Yeah it’s been great, and I’m loving the attention, especially when they tell me they are a fan of my music.

Would you follow in One Direction’s cougar-lover Harry Styles footsteps and go for an older woman?

Yeah man why not, anyone could be that number-one girl no matter what age you are; life is like that.

You appeared on the X Factor at age 16. Looking back now, is there anything you would’ve done differently?

Not really because I was young and inexperienced and had a bit of an attitude. I had never performed before, so it was more of a stepping-stone for me.

Simon Cowell described you as: “One of the most current artists we’ve had on the audition process. I think you’re really talented. I actually like you. How do you feel about that?

I think some of what he said is true because these days any young mix raced boy who can sing, and is current, can pretty much do well. So I guess it just reassures me that as a person and an artist my music will sell.

We’ve heard rumours of you possibly working with Cheryl Cole, who once said she liked you because “You had a little bit of swagger”. Any truth in that?

You heard rumours? Really? [Laughs]… No there’s no truth in that, but however, anything can happen that’s what I say. So who knows what the future holds.

Have you, in fact, got your sights set on working with anyone?

I have but I love the element of surprise, and I want to surprise people, so I’m going to keep that one to myself.

At the peak of X-Factor mania, you were labelled as an ‘X Factor thug.’ What’s the craziest brush with fame you’ve had?

I mean I’ve been called a lot of things by a lot of people but to be called that by one of the biggest papers in the country is just bizarre. I have had my problems, but that’s all behind me now.

A lot of X Factor acts like One Direction, JLS, Cher Lloyd and Misha B are doing really well, but then some X-Factor contestants like Leon Jackson have faded away. Does that worry you?

Good question! I think it’s all about staying relevant to people, and I’ve been through a lot of stuff that other people can relate to. I’m just going to keep doing my thing regardless so that doesn’t really bother me.

Can you now go out without being noticed by the public?

Yes the majority of the time, but I do get stopped sometimes.

How is your debut album shaping up?

It’s coming on nice. I’m kind of just in the process of finding that right sound for it. I don’t want it to be half good I want every single track to be a hit, so I’m just taking my time whilst experiencing more things so it gives me lots of ideas to write about.

What are your thoughts on this year’s X Factor apparently featuring finalists performing alongside holograms of Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Elvis Presley?

I don’t really watch the show much, but they do need to change the format. And the show definitely needs to be taken to another level, but I think the idea of holograms sounds awesome.

‘Number 1 Girl’ featuring Victizzle is available for you download here. You can also follow Curtis on Twitter @CurtisvsMoore

After nearly a year in the studio, Cheryl’s new album: ‘A Million Lights’ is coming out on June 18. Although it’s now her third solo album, in October she will be performing her first ever solo arena tour. She plans to perform tracks from all three albums as well as some surprises. See information on dates, locations and how to get tickets at the bottom of the page. 

For the music in her new album Cheryl explains that it reflects how she’s ‘grown as a person and an artist’. Evidence of which has already been seen following the release of her single ‘Call My Name’, which flew to number 1 on iTunes after hours of release on June 10. Written and produced by Calvin Harris, Cheryl says ‘as soon as I heard the intro to the Calvin track I knew I had to have it. It’s the perfect introduction to summer.’

Why did you call the album ‘A Million Lights’?

‘A Million Lights just felt right as the title track because it’s about how I feel – light and nice.’

Which is your favourite track on the album?

The dubstep excursion ‘Girl In The Mirror’. ‘I kept singing it after I’d been sent it and I could really relate to the idea of arguing with yourself and ‘who are you’. It also goes back to my fans, the Soldiers, we’re always worrying about stuff and sometimes you need to stop stressing. Yes life expects you to be strong but sometimes you just need to chill…”


Dates and venues:

‘This album is designed to entertain and I know when I take to the stage and I see a million little lights it really is game time.’

October 6 – Capital FM Arena, Nottingham

October 7 – 02, London

October 9 – Motorpoint Arena, Sheffield

October 11 – Echo Arena, Liverpool

October 12 – LG Arena, Brimingham

October 13 – Manchester Arena

October 15 – SECC, Glasgow

October 17 – Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Tickets for the concerts, except Belfast and Dublin, are available on pre-sale from on June 13 at 9am, and on sale on June 15 at 9am. Tickets for the Irish shows will be available from June 22.

‘A Million Lights’ comes out June 18, Polydor records. Follow Cheryl on Twitter @CherylCole.

Last Saturday Capital FMs Summertime Ball took place at Wembley with some of the biggest artists from the UK and US and Flavour’s Shireen Fenner was in attendance. Backstage she caught up with the likes of Usher, Conor Maynard, Cover Drive and Dizzee Rascal and watched performances from the likes of Cheryl Cole, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and many more. The shows opening act was the magnificent Coldplay.

I went outside to catch one of my favourite r&b singers Usher. The last time I saw him in concert was when I was about 12 years old. He hasn’t lost his touch, his dance moves were on point, and he hit the high notes when singing ‘Climax’ and ‘Scream’. My favourite moment was when he performed ‘Let It Burn’, with two big flames behind him, and strangely enough they did burn with one of the flames setting the stage on fire, causing someone to rush out with a fire extinguisher.

The two summer sizzler’s really were sizzling. The first surprise was Dizzee Rascal who performed his latest track ‘Power’, and we were glad to see a grime legend amongst the pop acts. Cheryl Cole was the other surprise guest after Dizzee dressed in a skintight lycra playsuit, she looked pretty amazing. It must be hard work getting into one of those, but later she told us that she goes to the gym saying her favourite workout song was, “Katy Perry, ‘Wide Awake’”.


Ed Sheeran was another highlight of the night; he was overwhelmed as he announced it was the biggest crowd he had performed too. Unlike everyone else, he walked out just him and his guitar. Singing ‘A Team’, ‘Small Bump’, and more everyone was singing along to this incredible talent.

When Justin Bieber came on I had to hold my hands over my ears as the 80,000 strong crowd started to scream all at once. He came out looking very patriotic dressed in a union jack t-shirt and doing some pretty good dance moves. Serenading a girl for a rendition of ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ he had her in fits of tears. His songs ‘Baby’ and ‘Boyfriend’, sent the crowd insane, with girls holding up signs dotted all over the arena, it was clear to see who a lot of the people were there for.

Katie Perry closed the show dressed in 50’s style polka dots singing ‘Part Of Me’, ‘The One That Got Away’. It was a good night for pop music, and the atmosphere in Wembley Arena was one of the best I’ve witnessed.

Review: Shireen Fenner


Based on a book of the same name, What To Expect When You’re Expecting is a hilarious and heartfelt comedy about five couples that all face the challenges of parenthood. It stars an ensemble cast of Jennifer Lopez, Cameron Diaz, Anna Kendrick, Chace Crawford and Chris Rock.

The story looks at love through the eyes of five interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby and ultimately coming to understand the universal truth that no matter what you plan for, life doesn’t always deliver what’s expected. The film also features celebrity cameos from former The Hills star Whitney Port, Black Eyed Peas member Taboo and our very own Cheryl Cole as a celebrity talent judge!





Released in UK cinemas nationwide May 25

Cheryl Cole has released a teaser trailer for her new upbeat dance track ‘Call My Name’, which has been dubbed as a ‘summer anthem’, and produced by Calvin Harris. With only slight teaser fusions from the actual song and an intriguing instrumental, the clip shows Cheryl strut her stuff down a tunnel in a colourful fitted jacket, leopard print hot pants and bright heels.

Although she is keeping the surname of her estranged husband Ashley Cole, it’s clear she is now ready for a new chapter in her life and her title is now simply ‘Cheryl’, following the footsteps of successful one-name artists such as Madonna, Beyonce and Adele.

Known for her sexy tattoos, Cheryl already has eight tattoos including a butterfly on her lower back and a floral design around her thigh. In her new video, Cheryl showcases a tattoo on her left bum cheek, which seems to be an addition to a tattoo she already had further up. From the clip, it is hard to see what the design actually is but reaches down to the the top of her thigh and must have been very painful!

The video proves Cheryl is making a strong comeback after taking some time off following her being fired publicly as a judge on X Factor USA by TV mogul and friend Simon Cowell.

Many celebrities have been caught with their pants down and footballer Jermain Defoe can now be added to that list. It has been reported that he cheated on singer Alexandra Burke. Whether it’s athletes, artists or actors, we thought it was about time to name and shame the celebrities that have been caught straying away from their beautiful wives and girlfriends.














Just as Alexandra Burke’s new single ‘Let It Go’ is available for pre-order on iTunes, reports have emerged that she is the latest victim of celebrity cheating scandals. Geordie Model, Laura Brown has come forward to the British Tabloids admitting that her and Jermaine had slept together. She said: ‘I never planned to sleep with him. It just happened.’ She also said that she had ‘no idea that Alexandra and Jermain were serious about each other’. Laura tweeted the day after the fling: ‘You never know what goes on behind closed doors #sotrue’

When the news hit, Alexandra Burke soon became a trending topic on Twitter and some people have expressed their feelings of an unlikely coincidence that this scandal timing has happened as her single and album release is fast approaching. @Matthewonly said: ‘Whilst were on the topic of her boyfriend cheating, her single is now available on iTunes! #ironik!’

Others have not been surprised that footballer Jermain was caught cheating. @LPurpleBlanks said: So Jermain Defoe cheated on Alexandra Burke…no surprise there’ whilst some cannot believe the extent to which the story has circulated: @MattAbottSkint: ‘Is it really on the front page of the nation’s biggest selling newspaper that Jermain Defoe has cheated on Alexandra Burke? God help us all.’

The couple only started dating a few months ago and have been trying their best to keep their relationship a secret. On one occasion, the couple arrived to a café for an early morning breakfast in matching tracksuits but left by using separate exits only to be pictured back together in the same car again. Despite the allegations, Alexandra took to twitter and tweeted pictures of herself drinking cocktails at a lavish party showing no signs of heartbreak.


Culprit: Jermain Defoe / Victim: Alexandra Burke



When we think of UK celebrity cheating scandals, Ashley Cole is probably the first person that comes to mind. Maybe Jermain Defoe got tips from fellow friend and footballer on how to cheat after Ashley cheated on his wife Cheryl Cole in 2008 with hairdresser Aimee Watson and two other women. After taking him back, Cheryl was devastated to hear two years on that he had sent pictures of himself in his underwear (scratch that ugly Y Fronts!) to Page 3 girl Sonia Wild. Reports also emerged that he had slept with secretary Vicki Gough. One more woman claimed to have slept with Cole back in 2004 at the start of his relationship with Cheryl and so after five women, it was understandable that Cheryl finally decided to split from Ashley and filed divorce papers.

Since the break-up, Cheryl has had a great career as a judge on X Factor and as a solo artist despite being publicly fired from USA’s X Factor to be replaced by singer Nicole Scherzinger. She has been romantically linked to dancer Derek Hough and Rapper Will.I.Am in the past but has not confirmed anything. There have also been worrying reports she has been seeing Ashley again at their marital home in surrey but let’s hope they keep their relationship as just friends as being hurt again a sixth time would be too much to deal with for the strongest of women.

Culprit: Ashley Cole / Victim: Cheryl Cole


Who can forget So Solid Crew’s Harvey’s decision to leave wife Alesha Dixon for Javine Hylton back in 2006. Speaking quite frankly in an interview, Harvey was confident he had made the right decision and reminded people that there are always two sides to every story. He said: ‘No-body knows the whole truth. Nobody knows why I done it. She (Alesha) can be the victim. I’ll take it like a man. I’ll still shine.’

Harvey received a lot of stick for cheating on the gorgeous Alesha Dixon especially as it was with Javine who lost out on the opportunity to be in Girl’s Aloud on ‘Popstars: The Rivals’ and released one Top 10 hit and three other singles which scraped into the Top 20 single hits in the UK. RnB singer Jamelia backed her friend Alesha and called Javine a ‘slag’ for taking what wasn’t rightfully hers. Harvey was confident that he was being treated unfairly and once said: ‘I’m sure theres people out there that have had affairs. This is just mine documented.’

Earlier this year, Harvey caused a huge stir on Twitter after insinuating that he had a fling with Cheryl Cole in which she replied:  ’Was this “relationship” happening in your head @harveyofficial?! Are you smoking something?’ Harvey later went on Choice FM to explain his side of things as he felt the story had been ‘fabricated’ and ‘taken out of context’ but said: ‘We had a communication relationship but not a relationship. Do you understand?’

No Harvey, we don’t understand. The story all got a bit too confusing as there were never straight and clear answers but was at least clear on his regret of cheating on Alesha Dixon. He said: ‘I regret cheating. 110 per cent. It wasn’t a nice thing to do and I totally hold my hands up to that. I don’t like hurting people. But people forget we were 19 when we got together.’

Alesha was certain that Harvey would stray again and was absolutely right. Javine dumped Harvey in 2009 and moved out of their home after finding evidence of him being unfaithful but remain friends for their daughter Angel’s sake.

It seems as if Alesha has had the last laugh after winning BBC’1′s Strictly Come Dancing and even became a judge on the panel soon after. She also went back to making music and is currently a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent. Sorry Harvey, but who’s laughing now or should we say who’s crying now?

Culprit: Harvey / Victim: Alesha Dixon

The RnB singer The Dream got together with the sexy Christina Milian back in 2009 after splitting with ex-wife singer Nivea who went on to have a son with Rapper Lil Wayne (but is no longer with him). The Dream was pictured squeezing the bum of a mystery brunette whilst his wife just gave birth to their baby daughter Violet. Christina held a dignified silence on the matter but tweeted: ‘I’ve officially lost my appetite. WHATEVER YOU THINK.. BELIEVE IT!’. The woman was later confirmed to be his PA Melissa Marie.

It has been reported Christina is set to make her comeback very soon after being signed to none other than Lil Wayne’s label Young Money. Whether this was done intentionally is yet to be confirmed but we’re just excited to know Christina is moving on and focusing on her career and adorable baby daughter Violet.

Culprit: The Dream / Victim: Christina Milian

After Jennifer Lopez’ two failed relationships with P Diddy and Ben Affleck, we hoped Marc Anthony would be the right man for her. Unfortunately Marc was still married when they began dating but married J-Lo in 2004, a week after his divorce. Really?

After seven years of marriage, and having twins in 2008, the couple split earlier this year amidst rumours that Marc had cheated. In a recent interview, Marc said he was ‘baffled and angry’ at the allegations and said the reason for their divorce was simply because the ‘marriage stopped working’.

There have been reports that J-Lo caught Marc having an affair with a flight attendant as well as romantically being linked to other women. As much as she wanted to work it out for the kids,  J-Lo knew enough was enough and filed for divorce. The pair still had to work together on American Idol where Marc is involved in the production of the show. J-Lo has admitted that this is sometimes difficult but ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’.


Culprit: Marc Anthony / Victim: Jennifer Lopez


Well what can we say about Mr Woods other than he was very very busy whilst married to Elin Nordergran for six years and with whom he has two children. In 2009, the professional golfer was caught out with explosive rumours about infidelity circulating the web. Events planner Rachel Uchitel was soon confirmed to be the mystery woman. This prompted over a dozen women to come forward claiming they had slept with Tiger whilst he was with Elin.


In 2010, Tiger knew he had to break his silence and released a 13-minute prepared statement on TMZ Sports. Some points were simple and straight to the point: ‘I was unfaithful. I had affairs. I cheated.’ He went on to say: ‘I ask you to find room in your heart to one day believe in me again.’

It was reported that Elin chased Tiger with a golf club. Abit extreme for some but honestly, we probably would have done much worse!

Culprit: Tiger Woods / Victim: Elin Nordegran 


In 2004, people were shocked to hear allegations that David Beckham had been cheating on wife Victoria with his PA Rebecca Loos. Rebecca claimed to be David’s ‘alternative wife’ and was initially happy to be the ‘one on the side’ until she was approached for a ‘kiss and tell’ story by the British tabloids.


Rumours finally simmered and it was Rebecca that was seen as the ‘homewrecker’, often being slagged off by members of the public and the media. Victoria was respected for handling the whole situation in a very classy way and decided to dismiss all rumours. She simply stated: ‘David has never cheated on me. I have the most faithful husband I could hope for.’

The power couple is now seen to be very strong and recently welcomed their latest addition to their family, daughter Harper. Their relationship was obviously rocked by the cheating scandal and they moved to Spain shortly after. Three years after the scandal, Victoria admitted: ‘It was a really tough time. But were now stronger and happier’.

Culprit: David Beckham / Victim: Victoria Beckham


After splitting up with fellow Pop-star and childhood friend Justin Timberlake in 2002, everybody just wanted the best for Britney Spears and we were all shocked to hear that she had decided to marry her backup dancer Kevin Federline after two months whilst his girlfriend Shar Jackson was still pregnant. Many feared that the fact that he cheated on Shar to be with Britney was a disaster waiting to happen.


In 2006, Britney decided to file for a divorce and it was a string of cheating allegations that prompted her to do so. We must admit, some of us were glad to see that Kevin was clearly finding the divorce hard after seeing pictures of an overweight Kevin surface on the Internet. He explained: ‘Anybody who goes through divorce is going to be depressed. I started eating getting lazier and lazier and getting fatter, fatter and fatter.’

Being married to one of the biggest Pop-stars in the world couldn’t have been easy but that is no excuse to cheat on her with exotic dancers and former porn stars. Kevin was known for his extreme party habits and love for Strip Clubs. He would always go to Vegas with friends and be pictured getting very close to strippers whilst Britney was hard at work or with their two kids.

Kevin appeared on Celebrity Fit Club in 2010 and apologized to Shar for cheating on her. He claimed to have been ‘caught up with his own selfishness’ and asked for Shar to forgive him one day.

Britney Spears is currently engaged to her boyfriend Jason Trawick and is focusing on raising her children.

Culprit: Kevin Federline / Victim: Britney Spears

So, there you have it! Being rich and famous can’t protect you from the lies and heartbreak a cheating partner brings. These are other celebrity couples who have allegedly fallen prey to a cheating spouse.

Culprit: Lil Wayne / Victim: Lauren London

Culprit: Eric Benet / Victim: Halle Berry

Culprit: Magic Johnson / Victim: Cookie Johnson

Culprit: Tony Parker / Victim: Eva Longoria

Culprit: Brad Pitt / Victim: Jennifer Aniston

Culprit: Jude Law / Victim: Sienna Miller

Let’s be honest, when Girls Aloud announced their temporary split in 2009, most bets were on Cheryl Cole as most likely to have a fruitful solo career. Fast-forward to 2011 and no one could have predicted the current footing in this illusory race to the top between the five former band members. Often dismissed as just ‘the ginger one from Girls Aloud’, Nicola Roberts is on the verge of pipping her former bandmates to the post – and in spectacular form.

Flavour speaks to the Liverpudlian starlet prior to the release of her second single ‘Lucky Day’, a catchy, edgy pop record, with vocals reminiscent of 80s Blondie. The colourful and quirky video that accompanies the single was inspired by ‘The Message’ by hip-hop legend Grand Master Flash. Although she looks both stylish and effortlessly stunning, Nicola explains why there is no beauty without pain and no success without hard work.

‘The video was shot in New York in the absolute sweltering heat,’ she says. ‘It was like 128 degrees. It frustrates me that you can’t feel how hot it was when you watch the video. The film crew came out with a huge spray can of factor 70 sunblock for me – I didn’t even know factor 70 existed until that day. Every time the director would cut, I’d run into a shop and pretend to buy something so that I could stay in the air con [laughs]. It was all worth it in the end.

‘I would have liked it to have been a little bit grittier, a little bit more like the original Grand Master Flash video – but obviously it’s a romantic pop song, so it was important not to stray too far away from that. I’m dead pleased with what we achieved, especially as the video was my own concept initially.’

Since taking a break from Girls Aloud, Nicola has been avidly working on her solo album, and after 18 months of solid hard graft, her debut, Cinderella’s Eyes, is now complete. Be forewarned, this is an album far removed from the conveyor belt of generic pop records, with clichéd subject matter and unchallenging production techniques. Yes, Cinderella’s Eyes is a pop album with a difference. Each of the 12 track offerings are co-written by Nicola, who has also enlisted a team of cutting-edge producers, such as Diplo, the Invisible Men and Metronomy. With all these factors married, Miss Roberts has produced a stellar body of work indeed.

Working on her own solo project has given Nicola a clear boost of confidence and also the freedom she has been craving artistically for some time. ‘On one of the tracks, “Beat of My Drum”, I really felt that I was in a great place when I wrote that song. I felt that every day I was achieving something new. Just being at the studio every day and doing what I love, on my own terms, added to my confidence every single day. Around eight months into the record, I stopped and looked back at what I had done and how much I had achieved on my own, and I just felt really fulfilled.

‘Looking at what I had made and what I had written, it was such an achievement, I was so proud. I felt that I was in a place where I could confidently sing those words. I had gone from being a girl that was really shy, scared to say the wrong thing and not having a lot of confidence, to then being at the studio every day and believing in what I had done so much. I was in a place where I could really sing about myself.

She adds, ‘I feel I’m at my most confident when I’m being creative. Even with creative decisions, like cover artwork or a mix that has come in… I won’t let anyone else make any single decision for me.’

Aside from the refreshing, edgy side to this album, another very stirring factor is the sheer honesty and raw emotion each song conveys. One track that really stands out is ‘Sticks and Stones’, where Nicola pours her heart out with a very honest and raw account of her time in Girls Aloud, the pressure she felt about how she looked and being in the public eye:

‘How funny that I was too young for so many things/ yet you thought I’d cope with being told I’m ugly/ over and over I’d read it/ believe it/ said no to the shrink/ I can fix me I think.’ Looking back on her career, you can easily piece together Nicola’s pain regarding her pent-up insecurities. When asked in a previous interview when her worst year was, she said, ‘2003 to 2007’, which spans her whole period in the band.

‘There has to be a media,’ she says, ‘but negative opinion feeds a side of society that really doesn’t need feeding. Having comment pages on websites… honestly, the comments that some people leave are so sick. You do harden to it and also you change your mind’s perspective and you understand a bit more about the people that leave comments like that, but there is no need for there to be 20 pages long of people leaving such brutal and sickening comments.

So how has she coped with this heartless onslaught of remarks? ‘I’m so immune to it now. I’ve seen the same things that are written about me, written about Beyoncé. So I feel like, if they can say that about Beyoncé, no one can ever escape it. I think comment pages on websites just give people a place to vent. It makes you see how messed up that side of society is, people needing to feed their own egos is very majorly out of control.

‘I lacked confidence in the band,’ she explains. ‘I don’t really know why, I was just nervous, I was shy, I was scared to say the wrong thing. It’s hard in a band. I didn’t want to be the one who looked out of place in the photographs, or who would say the wrong thing in an interview and screw it all up. I think I was so shy I just didn’t know how to be. It wasn’t like the band made me insecure or anything like that. It just happened that I was in a band and I felt like that at the time.

‘Now it just so happens that I’m not in a band and I’m much more confident as a person. I’ve grown up a lot and I’m not afraid. I have confidence in what I have to say and I believe in my own creativity.’

Having to deal with all the negative scrutiny in regards to her looks has forced Nicola into a place of positive acceptance. Launching her Dainty Doll make-up range, tailored to women with pale skin, and being a firm advocate of ‘Team Ginge’, the look which once brought her so much angst, she is now a beacon to many young women, encouraging them to embrace their natural complexions, features and hair colour.

‘Just a couple of weeks ago, in fact,’ she says, ‘you know when you have those days where you feel, like, my hair is a mess and I feel like complete shit. I wasn’t feeling great and looked on Twitter and a girl had tweeted me, ‘You make it cool to not be perfect,’ and it really touched me. I tweeted back, ‘Before that tweet, I was having a really bad hair day, but you’ve put everything into perspective.’

It’s not all about looking or being perfect, it’s about being an individual. The most important thing is being who you are, nobody else is you. Just be you, otherwise f**king hell, how hard is life? I was like that myself for a long time and it took me years to get to where I am now. I can’t bear the fact that people feel so down about themselves, life is hard enough. How can you let your personality come out, if you’re so hung up about your side profile, your hair, your this, your that?’

However, it isn’t all deep, dark and meaningful, there is a very fun side to Nicola Roberts, who ad libs all over her rap albums and has also been known to shake a leg in the form of her alter ego Ragga Girl Ginge. ‘Ragga Girl Ginge is me – a pale white girl with ginger hair – trying to dance like a Jamaican, with all the little booty baps and those kind of moves [laughs], I love it.’ With all the right moves, Nicola is getting her fairy tale happy ending, and then some.

‘Cinderella’s Eyes’ is out now

Follow Nicola Roberts on Twitter: @NicolaRoberts or visit

Hip-hop heavyweight Busta Rhymes featured on her single ‘Grow Up’ from her forthcoming album Sticks & Stones, a mix of nursery rhyme style melodies, quick raps, and floating vocals, with a number of urban influences. Acclaimed UK MCs Ghetts, Mic Righteous and Dot Rotten co-signed the singer by rhyming on ‘Dub On the Track’, a baseline heavy, infectious dubstep track. She’s already worked with some of the most highly sought-after producers in the world, from RedOne (Lady Gaga) and songwriters like Savan Kotecha (Usher, Britney). Yes, whether you love her or loathe her, former X Factor finalist Cher Lloyd is here to stay.

We’re expecting a tornado of an arrival, the same spirit and energy that she captivated us with at her first X Factor audition. But as Cher walks into the Flavour studio for her cover shoot, in a brown tracksuit, hair tied back in a bun, accompanied by Russell from her management company Syco and trainee hairdresser boyfriend Craig, she’s more gentle breeze than whirlwind.

As we usher her into hair and make-up she appears nervous. Despite having appeared weekly in front of millions of viewers on Britain’s biggest reality show, the 18-year-old songstress is actually pretty shy. But with reassurance from our styling team, she begins to relax and lets them know what she does and doesn’t like. ‘I love big hair,’ she says. Cher Lloyd is in the building.

And once she’s steps on set, Cher’s a different person. With each click of the camera she poses with fluid ease. ‘That’s a wrap,’ says the photographer, right on time for Cher to pop out for a cigarette before starting the interview, when she tells Flavour about new single ‘With Ur Love’, Cheryl Cole, and her complete lack of cooking skills.

So The X Factor is off again… If you were a contestant this year, who would you like to be your mentor?
Between Kelly and Tulisa, probably more like Tulisa.

Because I love the way she’s got to the position she is today and I like her style of music; I liked N-Dubz and I really like her as a person.

Are you still in contact with your former X Factor mentor Cheryl Cole?
No [laughs].

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How did you feel when people used to compare you?
Some people said I look like her, or blah blah blah… You know what? I’m my own person; I look like the way I wanna look. They can compare, but I truly think I look nothing like her; I am nothing like her. It’s a compliment, though.

You’re from Malvern, Worcestershire – how has moving to London been?
It’s been my first few weeks; I’ve been living in and out of hotels before now. It’s really stressful living out of a suitcase, so now it’s really nice to just live properly without worrying. So yeah, it’s really nice having your own space.

Do you miss home?
Yeah, I miss home a lot. More than I thought I would, because obviously being young and stuff, when you move out of home people are like, yeah, I can do my own thing. But serious, I would much rather be with my mum and dad; I’m a daddy’s girl.

Sweet. How are they coping without their little girl?
Well, my dad’s really upset about it; he’s ringing me constantly to check if I’m all right, because obviously I’m not too good at cooking and I’m not familiar with a washing machine… I’m just learning.

So if you were at home for dinner this evening, what would you cook?
Chips, fish fingers and beans, probably something like that, something basic. If not I’d order a Chinese or something; I’d live on Chinese quite happily.

Are you worried about your relationship with your family now you’re away from home?
No way, I’m not worried at all. I know they will always stick by me and they understand I’m very busy; you know, I’ve got a lot of things to be doing and I never really get a day off, and they understand. I keep in contact with one of them every single day.

And when you do get a day off, what do you do with your down time?
Stay in my pajamas all day, just chill out and think about how grateful I am to be doing it. It’s a reality check when I get a day off, it really is.

Tell us about your album Sticks & Stones.
My album isn’t one specific sound, it varies throughout the whole record. We’ve got songs that are slightly dubsteppy; we’ve got maybe a ballad on there; you know, it’s all very, very different; but I’m so lucky to work with the producers that I have done and get the people I have collaborated with.

What was it like working with some of the grime elite – Ghetts, Dot Rotten and Mic Righteous?
I love them as artists because I’ve listened to them for a very long time, and working with people like that means a lot more to me than working with big-time artists. It’s the whole respect thing, they’re not embarrassed to jump on a track with me – that’s a big thing for me.

You also worked with Busta Rhymes – now that’s major. How was it?
You know what? I had no contact with him. The funniest thing about this music business is people always kinda assume that you sit down and write that track with the other artist. Me and Mike [Posner], we worked in the studio together, but me and Busta didn’t.

How did you like working with Mike Posner on second single ‘With Ur Love’?
He’s very relaxed; I like that about people, you know, when people don’t have to hype themselves up. It’s more about the music, rather than I’ve done this and I’ve done that.

Who else would you like to collaborate with?
Obviously Nicki Minaj; she is my biggest inspiration ever. To have five seconds with her just to say hi would be enough for me. But you never know, down the line something may happen.


Well, you’ve met Lil Wayne, so Nicki Minaj is next up…
Hopefully, you never know… Yes, he was so nice to me, which made it such a nice thing to happen.

While Nicki has her ‘Barbs’, you’ve got a name for your fans as well, haven’t you?
Yeah, Brats, but I don’t really know how that came about.

Do you like that?
Yeah, kinda. I am a little brat, I hold my hands up to it. I know people don’t like it, but you can take it or leave it… walk away.

Do you know you’re a brat because people have said that to you or do you just know you act that way?
A brat is kinda like the wrong word, but I just think it’s fun. I do know what I want and therefore I try my very hardest to get it. Yeah, sometimes I can have a rant and a rave, I can be a bit of a drama queen, but at least I can admit to it.

I do know what I want and therefore I try my very hardest to get it. Yeah, sometimes I can have a rant and a rave, I can be a bit of a drama queen, but at least I can admit to it.

On the one hand you’re really shy, but on the other you’re gutsy and say what you want.
Well, the thing about me, if there’s a situation where I don’t need to be charging in, saying this and that, I’m not gonna because I’m happy with everything around me; but if there’s something that’s not right and I feel it’s gonna be wrong for my career or anything like that, I have to stop it.

So since The X Factor finished and you released your first single, you must have had your first paycheck. Did you splurge on anything?
I’m not a big splurger. What I believe is that I was all right before, nothing has to change now. I’ve got a few more pennies in the pocket, but nothing will ever change.

How are you managing to handle the paparazzi?
Paparazzi are paparazzi – they’re always going to be quite ballsy; they’re in your face and you’re never going to get rid of them. But you know what? They keep you going. There’s no point me complaining, because they’re the people that get me in magazines – so like people you don’t have to pay to get you publicity; there you have it.

You’re 18 and while many people your age are probably studying, you’re working on pop stardom. Did you want to continue your education?
I was never going to do that; I was rubbish in school, I wasn’t a very good student. I kept getting suspended and I didn’t want to be there. This is the life I’ve always wanted and thank God, I’ve got it.

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Did you have a back-up plan?
I did. I actually wanted to be a teacher or police officer. But I always knew I wasn’t going to do that – this is what I was going to do and if I hadn’t, I would still be trying now.

Do you feel any pressure with being a role model now?
I am me; I’m not gonna change for anyone. I’m not an angel, I wasn’t sent down to help people – tell them not to do this and not do that. People will do their own thing no matter what I say. If I could help a young girl, to do with self confidence and stuff like that, I’m down for that; but I cannot change the world, and I’m not going to try.

What are you looking forward to most in the future?
Having more large events. I love being on stage; it’s the whole point of being a recording artist – you get to perform. So I want to sell out arenas and be on stage as much as possible, performing and making people enjoy my music and realise that I’m actually an all right artist.

Your boyfriend Craig is reading a book about the music business so he can support you. That’s really sweet. How’s it going?
Really, really well. I like to keep my personal life away from other people. Everything else about me gets splattered everywhere. He’s my little bit I get to keep to myself. He’s the right person for me and he’s on my side, but there will never be anything that gets let out about him, never, nothing about our personal relationship.

 Would you change anything about the past year?
No, I wouldn’t change anything. If I could, I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today.

Single ‘With Ur Love’ is out Oct 30 and album Sticks & Stones is out Nov 7

Follow Cher Lloyd on Twitter @CherLloyd or visit

Photography: Arron Dunworth
Interview: Annika Allen
Styling: Gemma Swan and Neesha Sharma
Hair: Dionne Smith from De’Chars
Make-up: Katrina Appie

Last weekend’s double bill of The X Factor proved to be a scorcher as no doubt about it, everyone is yapping about the event’s that went on in the show. After weeks of warming to the new panel of judges with the audition stages, the heat was on for the contestants in the bootcamp stage at Wembley Arena, and this time with an audience.

Whether it involved disagreements over song parts and illuminated leotards, it was all that and more revolving among the contestants as everyone absolutely went for it. Only a recording contract and a high profile on offer!

It was suitcases at the ready as 72 successful contestants packed their bags and headed to boot camp where they impressed, unimpressed, and then had the grilling stages of awaiting their destiny where thirty two would survive and forty would go. Feisty judge Tulisa proved to be a tough nut to crack where she admitted to have been looking for someone who is “amazing, not great”. Whilst Gary Barlow let the viewers into the secret that they said “yes” to a lot of people, let’s hope leggy Goldie was one of them!

But before the tears and the tantrums, the judges gave the contestants time to whine down and loosen up where they threw a lavish party which involved a jacuzzi, liquor, and intimate encounters. The party seemed to be the highlight of the X Factor experience for one contestant especially, Frankie Cocozza. As the party came to a halt and contestants drifted off to their rooms, the night had just started for everyone’s favourite cheeky chappy. Elsewhere Johnny Robinson (dubbed to be the next Susan Boyle) compared to himself as the chipolata of the pack, rather than the many chippendales in tow. Just as well the competition is about singing and not about the number of girl’s names you have tattooed on your bottom.

Whilst the contestants got up to no good, elsewhere, the four judges reviewed the contestant’s video footage of auditions and took the sudden decision for 40 acts to face the axe in a shock booting before the bootcamp challenges commenced. Even the judge’s assessing equipment has stepped up a game this year with the use of a huge interactive computer screen, their predecessor Simon Cowell has certainly left them feeling at home. The judges reviewed, discussed, agreed, and disagreed to whether they would have to crush certain contestant’s dreams, and as morning dawned, it became even more frightful for the judging panel. When it came to the nitty gritty, contestants were kicked out immediately in large groups, where some people had a lot more than crying to do. One contestant, Curtis Ray White demanded an explanation from the judges, and luckily for him, he got all four judges out giving full accounts to the reason why they chose to end his journey. Pretty deep aye!

One of Kelly’s memorable contestants and every girl’s dream serenader, Derry Mensah, failed to repeatedly impress his favourite lady. Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ proved to be too much of a high price tag for Derry. But while the X Factor dream was over for some, elsewhere, a group of contestants were given a lifeline. The judges cherry-picked the contestants which they felt had more to offer and gave them the chance to be put into groups. Some of the hopeful contestants given a second chance was in fact Derry Mensah, Marlon McKenzie, and Beccy Shaw.

Group Time
After the gruelling shock elimination, the first stage of bootcamp kicked off where contestants were put into groups in order to work together and perform in front of the judges, this time, minus an audience. One contestant which did not succumb to the idea was Honey Shazab who couldn’t seem to overcome Kitty Brucknell’s outlandish demands regarding the choices of song parts. Kitty undoubtedly got the major part to show off her flexible vocal chords, in which the judges were relatively impressed. As the groups of contestants performed their hastily rehearsed songs, it was time for yet another showdown where contestants were given the boot ahead of the judges’ houses stage. Many contestants disappointedly didn’t live up to the judges expectations, Luke Lucas stumbled through his lyrics whilst performing ‘Forget You’ and vulnerable Lizzie Colbourne had a mind block with her words to Gaga’s hit ‘Born This Way’ even admitting that she knew the lyrics to the song before. The nerves certainly got to the contestants but the judge’s were having none of that, they either got it in one or they were out. One group which put a smile on all four judge’s faces was the ensemble consisting of boyband The Keys, Jade Richards, Joe Cox, and Nicole Simpson. They took to the stage with an epic rendition of ‘You’ve Got The Love’ which had the panel all starry-eyed.

Hot Favourites

Among those through to the second day of bootcamp were Janet Devlin, Luke Lucas, Kitty Brucknell, Frankie Cocozza, Jade Richards, The Keys, Joe Cox, Samantha Brookes, and James Michael. One contestant who was put through to judges’ houses even though there was disappointment with the lack of leg, was Goldie Cheung, who decided to keep it more demure when it came to judge Gary Barlow. Although that didn’t stop her from chasing the Take That member around Wembley Arena.

The second stage of bootcamp became the opportunity for the newly formed groups to shine. For Nu Vibe, The Risk, Misfits, Faux Pas, The Lovettes, and Orion, it was their last chance and their only chance to continue on with the X Factor dream. And for the panel, the group forming task turned out to be a success as they made quite an impression with them, as well as with the audience.

As the acts were narrowed down to 32, it was moment of truth for the judges as they found out which category they would be mentoring for the remainder of the competition. Kelly Rowland was teamed up with the girls, Gary with the boys, Louis with the Over’s, and Tulisa in force with the groups hoping to be the first to success with the unfortunate category. Keep with Flavour for my weekly round-up of the X Factor events!

Words by Melek Derebelyi




You may remember them as the most successful girl band to have come out of the X Factor camp… they are Belle Amie! Members Sophia, 18, Rebecca, 24, and Esther, 22, are beautiful friends more like sisters as that’s just how close they have become since being formed into a girl band. They spoke to Flavour’s Melek Derebeyli about what they’ve been up to since 4 became 3…

One member down and they are at their most ‘au naturale’, recording the music they’ve always longed for and wearing the clothes that they’ve always dreamed of – not the tube dresses they were thrown in whilst singing “Venus” and whipping their crimped hair back and forth. The girls made it through to the fourth week of the X Factor live shows and have come a long way; signed to a label with no ties to the reality show. They have finally reached their comfort zone and hit back at all things X by releasing their debut single ahead of most of their X Factor contenders.

Belle Amie fills Flavour in on all the gossip from the whole X Factor shebang, ‘Boy Better Know’ JME remix, the deal with girl bands and how they are the real life incarnation of The Powerpuff Girls..!

What have you been up to since the X Factor?

E: We met our new management and we’ve been signed by an independent record label, we’ve been on tour with Chipmunk, and we’ve been locked away in the studio for months working on our forthcoming album.
S: We’ve been working with an American producer called Chad, also with Labrinth’s brother, lots of really good people. And now we’re just trying to get back out there!

Describe each other in one word.

R: Nightmare (Sophia)
S: Loud (Esther)
E: Cheeky (Rebecca)

What goes on, on a normal day in the life of Belle Amie?

S: We take four hours to get ready, well I do anyway!
R: Studio
E: We don’t have a set day where we do particular things, everyday in Belle Amie world is just one crazy day, it’s a lot of fun!

After a period without many girl bands around, suddenly the scene has been flooded with fresh new female vocal groups; Parade, RD, Duchess… Do you see the other groups as competition?

E: There are so many boybands out there, and I don’t think there just has to be one girl group, i think it could be amazing with lots of girls groups. We need girl power!
Me and Esther met two of the Parade girls and they were really lovely and they made a good point where they said that everyone compares them to The Saturdays, and if anything The Saturdays make room for them because if all the girl bands do rubbish, then no one’s going to look at another girl band. It’s good when other girl bands do well, if we have a single out in the same week then it’s another story!

Exposure time, any bad habits you’d like to get off your chests?

E: Rebecca leaves hair dye everywhere.
Esther leaves food in the microwave.
I don’t like wasting food, so I just leave it in there!
Soph doesn’t get out of bed on time.

Are there any disadvantages to being in a girl band other than fighting over the hair dryer?

E: I take the other girls clothes all the time.
I like being in a girl band so much that even if there’s things that go wrong, it doesn’t matter.
It’s like being sisters, you’re going to fight over stupid things but you just get over it.

Without turning you into a female version of JLS – If you had a signature colour what would it be?

R: Pastel Orange
Mint green
Hot pink

‘Girls Up’ became the 16th most watched video world-wide in two days on YouTube – Explain a bit about the song and the perspective of the video.

E: Everyone seems to think we sing “Hold your boobs up…” but it’s not!
S: When we sing “Hold you girls up, put your chest out” were trying to put the message across to stand together, be strong, and don’t care about what anyone else thinks. It’s just women empowering! If you like wearing makeup then slap it on, if you don’t, then don’t wear makeup, just love who you are.
E: Someone said something about Sophia’s roots, but she loves them! We don’t care if people criticise our looks.
R: Shooting the video was amazing. We came up with the concept of the mannequins in boxes, but we didn’t realise we was going to get shut in them!

The girls that make up Belle Amie are the definition of girl power, with a single which would empower every conscious girl’s mind. The long awaited single ‘Girls Up’ is a banger of a track which shows off the girls fresh quirky vocals and proof that they’re not your average girlband warbling about unfaithful boys. But just make sure to listen to the lyrics carefully before making any preconsumptions!

Looks like JME stuck to his word of “We need some more girls in here” – How did JME jump on the remix for ‘Girls Up’ – Did he approach you girls or vice versa?

R: JME got in contact with our management, he really liked the song and he wanted to do a twist on it. I’m from Ireland so I hadn’t heard about his work but the other girls knew all about him.
S: He’s a grafter he is. And even though he’s a grime artist, he isn’t scared to hit other sides of the industry. Everyone was surprised about how well it worked. It’s flattering for us, because he’s like a cool kid! And it just shows how talented he is that he’s able to work with a girl band off X Factor.

Like you girls have worked with JME, Cher Lloyd has recently worked with UK grime artists Ghetts and Dot Rotten – Do you think having a grime artist on a track of yours would create even more hype for you and who else would you like to work with?

R: It just broadens the fan base, because if we hadn’t worked with JME then grime artists would never know who we were.
S: We love the Rizzle Kicks boys, we’d love to work with them! And Jessie J of course.

Your style in the video for ‘Girls Up’ is totally swaggalicious – Do you have any input in regards to the styling?
Of course!
We have a stylist to help us as well, but we make the decisions. We customise a lot of the clothes we wear.

Other than singing, what else do you hope to accomplish as a band?
Hopefully we’ll have our own fashion line whether its jewellery, fashion or makeup.
R: I’d love to open a black and white shop, with just black and white clothes!

When you were formed on the X Factor, were you wary of the fact that girl bands don’t have a good track record on the show? Do you think girl bands will ever stand a chance?
I didn’t even think of that.
S: I did but I could never say anything in front of Rebecca because she’d have a panic attack!
R: But personally I don’t think girl bands will ever last on the show, unless they change it up. If they would let the girl bands be the girl bands that they want then maybe so, but I don’t get it!
S: I think it’s a case of having to get to know each girl band member. With boys they can just look at them and say whether they’re hot, and they instantly like them.

If you could go back in time and win the X Factor, would you want to or are you happy with the stage you’re at?

R: We’re absolutely delighted with where we are.
S: Matt Cardle won and we’ve beat him to it! We get to do exactly what we want to do.

Out of all the finalists in last year’s X Factor – Who do you think will succeed the most and the least?

S: One Direction will do the best definitely, by far! Least…
All: Wagner!

The new season of the X Factor has dawned – Out of the four judges, who do you think will make the best judge and who would you have liked as a mentor?

S: Kelly Rowland would have been good as a mentor.
E: I would have liked Tulisa as a mentor.
S: I say Kelly Rowland because she was in one of the biggest girl bands of all time so she would have had good advice and known how to work well with was. I think they’re all going to make good judges though.

Can your Belles look forward to seeing you back on the X Factor as guest performers?

E: Hopefully!
We would love to, that would be amazing. But I can’t say that Simon would be swallowing his pride to ring us and ask us back to perform.

Have you been in touch with Simon or any of the other judges since or is it the case that you‘ve got a better chance of winning the lottery? (As Cher Lloyd recently said regarding Cheryl Cole)

R: No, we wouldn’t though because they’re busy. They have their priorities, they have One Direction, Matt and Cher. They’ll have their X Factor guest performers lined up anyway.
S: I think Dannii’s the only one to stay in touch with her contestants, she’s in touch with Matt.

You have an uncanny resemblance to The Powerpuff Girls – Have you been taking style tips from them?

[All three girls burst into huge excitement]

E: Of course! We watch episodes on the regs! They just need us instead of them, we could make really good Powerpuff girls.
Powerpuff Girls get in touch!On behalf of our male readers – Are you girls single?

All: Yes!
R: Single and ready to mingle!

What can we expect from Belle Amie in this upcoming year?

E: The album will be out next year. When you listen to the album you will learn a lot about us as individuals and what we care about and what we love, we don’t sing about boys.
The next single should be out early December, hopefully!

If you could have a topic trending on Twitter, what would it be?

R: Belle Amie to #1. No! Belle Amie are #1?
With crisps in there somewhere!

Follow Belle Amie on Twitter @BelleAmie and visit their official website.

‘Girls Up’ is out 28 August and is available to pre-order on iTunes or text GIRLSUP to 80115. (£1 + standard network rate per message)

Another week, another song, another acts dream will dramatically end as the remaining 7 become 5 in a double elimination just 4 weeks before the festive season. This weeks theme is Rock night, and the acts get the chance to perform 2 legendary Rock songs to strengthen their chances, as we get closer and closer to discovering the winner of X Factor 2010. Exciting news emerged this week as Simon announced that X Factor will be launched in America next year replacing American Idol. I’m 100% sure the talent across the pond will be miles better, putting the UK to shame! Stay tuned – it begins in 2011.




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