Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Muhsinah has released a free to download EP, named Gone, featuring six great neo-soul/electro influenced songs. Her voice is exactly that of a golden girl, whom got herself a Grammy nomination.

Pronounced Mu-se-na, singer, songwriter, arranger, composer, producer, and dreamer, lover, Muhsinah was nominated for a “Best Vocal Performance” Grammy award for her work with The Foreign Exchange, which is a big deal for this relatively unknown artist. Moog Music endorses Muhsinah; she always plays a voyager or a lil phatty (whatever that instrument may be) on stage, and is a member of Common’s band who she played for twice. She can sight read sheet music (which is a damn rarity in these days of modern musicianship!), write music notation and arrange for big band and/or orchestras yet she chooses to do beat driven music? AMAZING! Muhsinah is the real deal holly field!

Stop & Go is soul meets electro to perfection. It beats your average pop chart hit yet it is free for download on the Internet, what the wonder’s are of the Internet! Having followed Muhsinah for many years, watching her grow has been incredibly rewarding, and this little taste of her music with Gone is nothing short of spectacular. It’s like a melting pot of sounds, truly magnificent! The album title track Gone is hazy, glorified, superb, and juicy. It’s so radio friendly it’s a crying shame as to why it’s not on all the UK radio stations. “There you are holding on again/begging to keep me here”, are the lyrics for this song, she’s making herself centre stage on this song, which is refreshing because we’ve experiencing a lot of weak songs in the charts about heart break and loves ups and downs and it’s totally refreshing to hear a female sing “I’m gone, gone, gone I’m gone gone, gone!”

But, in her spare time Muhsinah loves to watch children’s movies because they have the best scores, something I can relate to! Read books and sketch. She studied ballet at the ages between 3-8 and started playing piano at age 11 that’s 17 years ago. Muhsinah’s music could easily be on this year’s biggest blockbuster hit movie soundtrack as it is powerful, daring and deliberate, she has captivated and charmed tastemakers from around the world. From Washington, D.C, she is something to behold. Muhsinah takes you far away from your troubles with her music.

Truly. Unique.

By Matthew Daniel




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