Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Take a journey with Flavour through our favourite viral’s found this week


We’ve gone from your classic Nokia 3310’s to colour screen phones then to camera phones and then to smart phones but what could be next. This video has made it as one of Flavour’s Viral’s of the week because of the futuristic technology you see.


After his official debut album ‘bud, sweat & beers’ which was released on November 1st 2010 Flavour takes a trip back in time to Devlin just before he broke the top 40. This F64 showcases Devlin’s talents in freestyle and so has smashed onto this weeks Flavour’s Viral’s of the week

Pop Gossip

Johnny Depp on the BBC? Telling jokes? This video makes Flavour’s top Viral’s of the week because we get to see a different side to Johnny.. and we get to just SEE Johnny.

Something Different

This is outstanding and funny at the same time. Flavour honours Watsky’s effort by making this video one of Flavours Viral’s of the week.


We apologise about the overly American report but we put this as one of our Viral’s of the week because of the determination of this kid!

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With the release of the new Call of Duty game stuck in the minds of many a teenage boy and those with the spirit of the teenager, one of Flavour’s Viral’s of the week this week is this comical advert for the new gaming release.


Already reaching the number one spot before and now racing to the front again we celebrate Florence and the machines triumph by having their performance on Xfactors Live results show as one of Flavour’s Viral’s of the week.

Pop Gossip

After a lot of news on Beiber this week with his freestyle rap over the track Otis and the allegation he was a daddy we make this video one of Flavour’s Viral’s of the week to give Justin himself a chance to clear things up.

Something Different

Have you ever wondered if everything is a just some crazy conspiracy? Have you ever thought “Hey I wonder what Snoop Dogg thinks on this controversial situation?” If the answer to these questions is yes than don’t miss this! One of Flavour’s viral’s of the week.


After his death from liver cancer Flavour has this video as one of Flavour’s Viral’s of the week in memory of Smokin Joe (Frazier) a boxing legend being the first man to beat Muhammah Ali in Ali’s professional career.


By Charlie Massey

‘Sweat’ rapper Snoop Dogg, producer Warren G and triple jump champion Phillips Idowu challenge the GB Basketball team in an Olympics 2012 promotional viral for Adidas.

The trio took part in the online advert for official games sponsors, Adidas, which saw 39 year old Snoop Dogg balling against members of the professional Great Britain team. The 3-on-3 friendly sees Olympics contender Idowu swoop in to save a failed dunk attempt by Snoop Dogg and later in a slow motion triple jump run up, he successfully dunks a shot for his team. The impressive footage has been released to mark the one year countdown to the 2012 games, in which the 2010 Beijing World Championships gold medalist, is a hopeful.

According to the Metro Online, Snoop Dogg believes in Idowu’s talents, ”You gotta celebrate when you get to the pinnacle. Me personally, I know he’s gonna win the gold medal” and the accredited American Football coach promises to return to party with the 32 year old contender if he wins.

Find out which team claimed victory in the Adidas promo here.


Whether you like running to the Pop sounds of the Pussycat Dolls, rocking out to the Kings of Leon, grooving with Eric Prydz or psyching yourself up to the urban beat of Jay-Z, music has become a key consideration in motivating people to train and increase performance levels.




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