My Sat Nav up till now has been my smart phone and Google maps which I must say is not only convenient but does a great job and doesn’t cost me anything extra.  So I was not exactly excited when I was asked to review what I consider to be an obsolete piece of kit the new model The Garmin nuvi 2598 LMT – D
The cumbersome device comes in at £199 and attaches to your windscreen with an old style suction cup making it a very desirable motive for a thief, should you forget to remove it after your journey. 
You can par the device with your phone so that it can take addresses and updates from your phone to turn it into a “smart” sat nav, but again begs the question, “why not just use your phone?”, all the good features that can be added through the phone will cost you extra, potentially upto £90 per year.
Before you set off you put in the location of where you’re going and hey presto it shows you the route.  The only difference between this new model and older ones, that I can see, is that they have attempted to make it more human by adding descriptions of where to turn, so rather than saying the street name it might advise to turn at the Tesco’s.  Also should you want to speak directly to the sat nav and change your route this should also be an option, allowing you to keep both hands on the wheel.  I’ll admit I thought this was a pretty cool feature, if it worked, of course it didn’t.  My sav nav was less Kitt from Knightrider and more slightly deaf auntie Mabel.  
After 90 mins driving with the Garmin I’ll say if you don’t own a smart phone it will get you to your destination just as well as if you do. However if you don’t have a smart phone you probably have an A-Z which also does the trick and won’t interfere with your listening pleasure of radio 4.  Should you find a Garmin under your tree this Christmas, don’t break the seal, it will sell better on ebay that way.





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