Your wedding day is one to be remembered, therefore a great deal of planning is needed to ensure that the whole event runs smoothly.

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding, depending on the size and style of the occasion, so here is a list of important points to remember.

How many guests?

It’s important to know the volume of guests you intend to have at the wedding, whether it’s at the service or just the reception. Once you have this figure, as a rule, allow yourself an average of 20 square feet per person and this will ensure adequate space for your guests.

Choosing the right venue

With an abundance of options available this one can be quite a tricky task, especially when it’s such an important day. We found this guide on choosing the perfect wedding venue very helpful, with there unique theme ideas to help make the day memorable.

Watch out for “blackout dates”

These are critical things to avoid, events like festivals, public holidays, and other busy periods can drastically affect traffic and hotel availability. So take care when choosing that special date and allow yourself enough time to prepare everything.

Organise the music

No wedding party would be complete without music, so whatever your style, make sure you arrange this essential ingredient. For a professional service, you could use We R DJs who offer a wide range of play lists to suit everyone. By using a reputable sound company, you can concentrate on the many other things that demand your attention, knowing that the party will go with a swing!

Consider the catering and the bar

The focal point at any social gathering, the bar must be able to handle the number of guests, so as a guide, you will need a bartender for every 50 guests, to keep waiting to a minimum. Choosing the menu is important and it should reflect the tastes of your guests. Here is a list of great wedding food ideas to help you plan the perfect food for this special occasion.

Be prepared for anything

A wedding is one of those social occasions when things sometimes don’t go exactly as planned, so expect the unexpected, and if you can afford it, hire an event manager who will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Budget restrictions

Your budget will determine the size of your wedding party, and with careful planning and prioritising, your budget will go a lot further.

Emergency contact numbers

As the organiser, you should always carry a list of all the vendors and services you will be using. Things can change in an instant, so you need to be able to make contact at any given time.

Stay calm

Whatever else happens, being in a state of panic will not help the situation. Enlist the help of trusted friends and don’t be afraid to delegate! You’d be surprised how well your friends will rally round and help you to make the day a special one.

One step at a time

When planning a wedding, each stage should be completed, one by one, in logical order, so you don’t take on too much at one time. Do not hire any vendors until you have a definite date for the wedding.

With a little forethought your wedding day will be one that you and your partner will never forget.