Ever since the birth of celebrity perfumes, those A-listers (and sometimes Z-listers) can’t get enough of producing useless products.

From stationary, children’s books, clothing and even slippers (Snoop Dogg), our public figures have tried everything. While most receive a majority of negative reviews, there are some celebrity products that are worth the money. Check out the 10 celebrity products that are, wait for it, actually worth your attention.

10.   Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka

So Ciroc vodka did actually exist before Diddy, but Puff really got this brand worldwide recognition. Whether that is because of his excessive advertising or because of the press exposure he receives by aggressively ranting about the product, I don’t know. Either way, it is scrumptious mixed with cola and is one of the coolest things you can have in your cup.

9.       Rihanna’s Reb’l Fleur

I did not intend to include such an exposed celebrity to the list; everything Rihanna does seems to be a short, explosive and colourful – but classical longevity is something she is yet to achieve in her career (in my opinion, okay?). However, she may be on to something real classic with this perfume – the scent and the bottle are stunning and the price is acceptable. *Charlie Sheen voice* Winning.

 8.       Kanye West’s Clothing Line

If I didn’t put Kanye on the list he might come and interrupt this countdown with his foul rants. No, seriously, Kanye actually made history by being the first male musician to break female couture. He definitely knows his stuff; Mr West may well be the most fashionable rapper I have ever seen. You may have to wait to get your hands on these gorgeous garms though, because as far as I can tell the line hasn’t got a name yet. All Kanye did say is that it is not called ‘DW’ (his late mother’s initials) as some fans thought. He has been spotted in Farringdon working on his fashion line – so keep your eyes peeled if you pass through.

7.       Tinie Tempah’s Disturbing London Line

This dude was recently voted GQ’s Best Dressed man of 2012, so props to Mr Tempah – he clearly knows what he is doing. His clothing line is quirky, urban, colourful and its bold swag gives it some real class. The price is also quite sound. As I said, he is the best dressed man of Britain; therefore 23-year-old Patrick doesn’t need my endorsement.

 6.       Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ MAC lipstick

Again, I have to give the masses what they want; besides, I actually like this product. The public clearly liked it too, as when the bubblegum pink lipstick when on sale, it sold more than hot cakes and became an instant bestseller. It initially went on sale for around a tenner, but it can now be found on ebay for around £50. So even if you don’t like the colour, I think it is safe to say it is a good investment…

5.       JME’s Boy Better Know (BBK) Mobile Network

JME launched his mobile network which, according to the website, offers the fastest 3G network, the cheapest data bundle and the widest coverage in the UK. You can also call other networks for 15p a minute as opposed to the average 40p a minute. Yes, I’m totally *serious*. I think this is the first product on the list that is genuine value for money; so props to the BBK team for this great idea.

4.       Beyonce’s House of Dereon

Launched by the Queen B and her mother Tina, who has been designing Beyonce’s and Destiny’s Child’s clothes for years, this brand has done the fashion world proud. Buyers have been clambering over the new collection in Selfridges, and for a dress designed by Beyonce for under £100, I guess that isn’t surprising.

3. George Foreman Grills

This is actually one of the best celebrity products of all time. George was once a heavyweight champ, turned gold medallist, turned minister, turned business man – this guy isn’t a business man; he’s a business, maaan. This wonderful grill allows you to cook your favourite meats in a healthy, fat reducing way. Gap in the market? Bingo.

 2.       Dr Dre’s Beats By Dre

Okay, so I do not own a pair, because personally I think Sennheiser do a mighty fine job. There, I said it! However, I have tried the headphones and they are pretty good, although I don’t believe they justify the price tag. However, they don’t need to – they don’t even need to be on this list; those bad boys sell themselves. Literally every other person I see on the street is wearing them. SNM.

 1.       Jay Z’s Rocawear

I didn’t intend to put many clothing lines on this list, but if any of them truly deserve a spot, it is this one. Created in 1999 by Damon Dash and Mr Shawn Carter, this brand has flourished into a staple brand. The brand is still growing; Jay – Z confirmed last year that the brand had partnered with Pharell Williams Billionaire Boys Club clothing line. I own countless Rocawear items so I can vouch that although the items are available at a high street price, the quality means their clothes last for years. Cool, classic, quality. What more could you want?




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