Boyfriends can be notoriously difficult to buy for, especially if yours is the type who doesn’t really care what he throws on to leave the house in and is pretty laid back about nearly everything. If you’re panicking over what to buy him then check out these 10 great gift ideas:

  1. A magazine subscription

Imagine your boyfriend’s joy when he discovers his favourite mag will just be delivered straight to his house every month and that you’ve covered the cost for the next six or 12 months. When looking for gift ideas for him this is a great one to consider, it’s personal and much better than those socks you might hastily pick up in Next.

  1. A bearded beanie

You might wonder why your boyfriend would want a knitted hat featuring an addition knitted beanie but it actually works great as a novelty gift that will keep him warm in the winter months. Working as a fun balaclava, without the burglar associations, a beard beanie is the perfect present for your guy – especially if he struggles to grow facial hair!

  1. 3D Doodle pen

If you got the cash to flash then this is the ideal present to pop under the tree and allows him to draw objects in thin air, using this special pen. The 3Doodler is one of the higher quality products on the market and you can pick one up from Firebox for £99.99.

  1. Sphero BB-8

Is your guy a huge Star Wars fan? Did you grab tickets to go and see the film on the opening day? Then he will definitely appreciate his very own Sphero BB-8 – the cute little droid you see rolling around in the trailers. This little toy is a brilliant companion that can be guided via your tablet, phone or voice and his personality evolves as you interact with him. This is the droid you’ve been looking for.

  1. Remote control Quadcopter

Another remote controlled toy to consider is a popular gift idea, the Quadcopter. Some of these come with cameras attached for aerial filming and viewing but many are just fun drones to mess about with at the weekend – just be sure he doesn’t take it in the garden to play with if it’s a bit breezy on Christmas Day!

  1. Concert tickets

Know that he’s been itching to see a certain band and they’re playing in the New Year? Then a pair of concert tickets are a great thoughtful gift and can be a fun night out for the both of you.

  1. Heart rate monitoring watch

Is he into his fitness? Then a watch that monitors his heart rate, calories burned, steps taken per day and his sleep patterns is a great gift. There are so many to choose from on the market, from a Fitbit Charge HR to a Jawbone, which both look fashionable while offering high quality tracking.

  1. Multi tool

Everyone should own a multi tool but it is considered the very definition of manliness if you can whip a screwdriver/alloy key/bottle opener/pen knife combo out of your pocket at dinner parties.

  1. Cafetière

What is it with guys and coffee from a French press? If your boyfriend loves a cup of strong coffee before work in the morning, then he’ll definitely appreciate a posh coffee press as a present.

  1. Anti-snore pillow

Give a strong hint with this helpful but novelty gift. Probably best given as an added extra in order to avoid any offence.