After his recent stint on BBC’s The Voice UK, Leo Ihenacho’s female fan base seems to be on the raise. For those of you not familiar with Leo, He’s actually been around for quite a while and was once one half (and my opinion the better half) of The Streets. Let’s have a look at why we are following the gorgeous and very talented singer on Instagram.

1. We all love a man that can dance and boy can this man shake his wild thang.

2. Those big puppy dog eyes….. oh how one can lose themselves in those.

3. He’s a fan of the Sun……. and Bench underwear hubba hubba.

4. He rocks a hot leather jacket

5. He likes to keep himself FIT!!!!!!!! As his comment says “Sculpting the Bootay” Shame this isn’t a picture of the little peach.

6. The way to most women’s hearts is a sense of humour, Leo certainly doesn’t mind sending himself up.

7. Sorry but it was the White board that actually had me in stitches

8. He doesn’t just look good from the front. Have you seen the size of those arms? (I’m getting slightly hot under the collar now).

9. Those arms……. Again. Can’t. Speak. Oh and I Mr Rootsy.

10. I THANK THE LORD I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO SEE THIS TORSO IN THE FLESH LAST YEAR….. Don’t get too excited, it was at one of his gigs, Shame he didn’t get completely naked.

By Zehra Phelan @filmmadzed