I am such a big nerd at heart and I’m not ashamed of it. I wish there was a comic book store in my area but the movies and televisions are enough to satisfy superhero needs.

Superheroes are making a massive come back the summer with the release of the new movies such as The Amazing Spider Man, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble and The Dark Night Rises. Oh and don’t forget, all these babies are also coming out on 3D! And I for one can hardly wait…

We are not even done yet on the superhero movie front as there are already talks of more sequels for Thor, Spiderman and Captain America, remakes and a third Iron Man film. So to get you into the superhero loving spirit, here are 10 reasons why they are great and the true saviours of the world.


1. Everyone loves a hero: It’s true, their brave, honest, courageous and always do the right thing even if they don’t want to and even if it takes them the whole movie to do so, they always get there in the end. Superheroes are good at heart and live by an honour of serve and protect. They give you something to believe in and amongst a society that loves to escape into another world, that is exactly what we need.

2. There is so many to choose from: I have actually lost count of how many super heroes I’ve seen in my twenty years on this earth, but that’s just from film, we haven’t even started to look yet at comics WITH The Fantastic Four and cartoons with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

3. There is different types: You never can get short of super heroes and there is one for every type from the guys with cool gadgets and money like iron man and batman to the scientific experiment like Captain America and The Hulk (that was a big experiment), the ordinary everyday hero like Wonder Woman and then you have the classic born to save the world, such as Superman and the powerful XMEN.

4. They have villains: Behind every good hero is good villain. They complement each other and they both in a sense need each other. They become associated with each other so perfectly, that you can’t imagine the movie without their conflict. Their conflicts, battles and fights make the film and the foundation of the entire story. Batman has the joker, spider man has the green goblin and Professor X has Magneto. Every hero has a villain and that’s they way it should always be.

5. They’re always there to save the day: No matter what goes down, no matter how big the other guy is or how impossible it is to defeat them, the superhero will always, always be there to save the day.

6. They are great role models: If you want your kids to be looking up to anyone, it should be a superhero (no matter how unrealistic it may be).  They epitomize the goodness in mankind and show the earth’s abilities at its best. They inspire as well as teach, you don’t have to have magic powers or money to be a hero and despite superheroes abilities, that what they are all about.

7. They have connection to real life: OK so technically, superheroes aren’t real but they are still just as important. Though they stem from some creative genius in a studio, they still provide a message. Superheroes are often a reflection of society, providing hope and possible solutions to real issues, such as drugs, crime and war. Even though they are flying in the air and defining the laws of physic, they still have realistic meaning and provided a relationship between the screen and today’s society.

8. They come with accessories: It’s not just the hero that’s the talk of the town, now you can have the accessories and cool gadgets and gizmos to match. Proving that you don’t need to be born with special powers giving to by god, super heroes now have weapons they made themselves, a perfect example of this is the equally cool and equally rich, batman and iron man.

9. Some of them have trusty sidekicks: These guys are friend and are always there to bust you out when the bad guys have you. They’ve got your back no matter what and they always there for you. A famous example of this can be seen with the strong friendship and partnership between Batman and Robin. Every superhero at one time or another has one and they don’t even need to have super powers or bravery themselves, they just always provide assistant when needed.

10. They are fun to watch: Superheroes quite simply put you on a Rollercoaster ride and journey that you will never forget.

Get reminded by watching previous movies, check out some trailers and watch some old cartoons (you’re never too old to watch cartoons) because the superhero phenomenon is coming and there is no way of stopping it.

Marvel’s Avengers Assemble is out now

The Amazing Spider Man, is out July 3

The Dark Night Rises, is July 20