With the release of The Wedding Ringer on Blu- Ray and DVD on the 6th of July, we couldn’t think of a better time to take a look at 10 reasons the watch the film. Instead of rolling down the aisles you’ll be rolling off your sofa.

  1. Kevin Hart Provides Best Man services.

We couldn’t think of anyone worse to provide a best man service, you know that this will not end well, but you’re due to have a few giggles along the way. When poor old Doug (Josh Gad) decides to get hitched, he realises he has no friends and ends up hiring Jimmy to pull off the best bachelor party and hire a bunch of fake friends to make his last days as a single man the best in his life.


  1. Kevin Hart tones down the ego.

You may be used to seeing Kevin Hart play the foolish idiot in many of his films but for once his character is there to enhance someone else. He isn’t quite straight-laced and from the clip as him dressed as a priest, he certainly still delivers the laughs.

Kevin Hart

  1. It’s a summer feel good movie.

During the searing heat, not wanting to brave those heaving pavements of drinkers, you can just stick this in your DVD player, sit back, relax and just enjoy the silliness which is guaranteed to keep you laughing all the way through.

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad;Affion Crockett;Jorge Garcia

  1. Kevin and Josh get their groove on.

Who knew that Josh Gad had the moves? During one scene the boys team up together on the dance floor of a wedding to give us a medley of dance routines, at first you may cringe but come the end your chin will be on the floor from being awe struck.


  1. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting looks hot to trot.

Kaley (who you will know as Leonard’s girlfriend from The Big Bang Theory) plays Gretchen, Doug’s soon to be wife. She certainly brings a bit of eye candy to the comedy, making you wonder why the hell she is marrying Doug.

Olivia Thirlby

  1. Highly inappropriate Jokes.

Quite frankly who needs to be politically correct 24/7? We all need a break from being able to say the safe thing and just have some fun, life is just too serious at time, and most of us know that these types of jokes mean no harm. Throughout The Wedding Ringer these are the moments that give you the real belly laughs.


  1. Boys will be Boys – Peanut butter and a Dog!

Jimmy (Kevin Hart) has a job to do, organising Doug’s bachelor party like he was his best friend. So what else would you do but tie up the groom, smear his genitals in peanut butter and get a dog to lick it off, making Doug think he’s getting a treat from a woman, that is until all hell breaks loose and the Dog gets lockjaw.


  1. A Burning Grandma.

When Doug (Josh Gad) spends the afternoon with his future parent’s in-law he gets a little nervous and almost blows his fake best man cover, Jimmy (Kevin Hart) comes to the rescue but in the process set’s Gretchen’s grandmother on fire.

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad

  1. The Chemistry between Kevin and Josh seems so natural.

The pairing of Gad and Hart just seems so perfect for this film; they gel together like strawberries and cream. You never would have thought these two would make the perfect comedy couple but they just seem to bounce off each other like they had been buddies all their life.

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad

  1. It’s ultimately a bromance.

We might be used to seeing the likes of The Hungover and theThink Like a Man, where all the men come together and show their deep undying love for their bro’s but it doesn’t hurt to have another. Whilst initially it’s just a business deal by the end of the film Jimmy and Doug are bro’s for life and would do anything for each other…. Altogether now… Awwwwwww.

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad

The Wedding Ringer is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on 6th July. We have a competition to win a copy of The Wedding Ringer on DVD, for your chance of winning click here.