You may remember Genesis Rodriguez from Identity Thief, Man on the Ledge or The last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Venezuelan-Cuban-American knockout from Miami is a basketball junkie and uber sexy, plus she’s also multi lingual which we expect means she can sound very sexy in different languages, which has got to be another tick on the Flavourmag check list.

Genesis Rodriguez talks dating with Complex magazine here, and you can also watch the GQ how to date her in 3 easy steps video below.

So in celebration of her birthday (Today 29th July 2014), we decided to write this article 10 reasons we are following Genesis Rodriguez on instagram.

1. Some girls are just born with it.

2. Her body is simply divine.

3. With her like that, she should be in a Loreal advert.

4. 4 for the price of one, we love it.

5. Those legs look like they lead to heaven. 

6. She still looks great without makeup on.

7. She got curves.

8. She loves basketball and so do we.

9. She can rock any outfit.

10. Why does this video end at the juicy part?

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