What with Zac’s very recent trip to the UK to promote his new film, Neighbours, out in UK Cinema’s on the 3rd of May. We thought it worth taking a look at why this beautiful specimen of the human race is worth a follow on Instagram.

1. Those baby blue eyes are enough to make the hardest of hearts melt into a puddle of mess.

2. He loves to show off his adventurous side, No one can pull of a helmet as well as him.

3. He’s a Gooner OMG I actually think that killed me.

4. He’s not one to shy away from a selfie with his adoring fans.

5. He rocks the rough and ready look mmmmmm.

6. No matter how delicious he looks in a suit, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it on my bedroom floor.

7. OH GOOD GOD, that’s one big tongue, that shouldn’t be legal.

8. Mean and Moody, and those thighs!!!!!!!!! Not sure I’m going to finish this……

9. He has eyelashes like a girl, but hey I’m not jealous.

10. YOU’VE GOT TO BE $%j&$^* KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! DEAD!

Do you think I have missed out on anything? Leave your comments box below. Or even better, grab one of his instagram links and leave it in the comments box below.