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The Westbrooks and Brooke Westbrooks are waving the flag when it comes to social media takeovers, so if you’re a keen instagrammer it’s likely you’ve not been far from one of their many amassed and popular pictures.

With 5 sisters in tow, the loveable girls are frequently compared to those other sisters- The Kardashians/Jenners but we’ve a feeling with their combined total of 2 million fans, that their realness might see them winning the battle of TV’s most watched family. The Kardashians have had a major head start and have some die hard fans but we love how The Westbrooks have come out of nowhere!

This week we’ll be focusing on Brooke Westbrooks, the oldest of the sisters, she’s the driving force and fiercely protective of her siblings. A mother of 3, she manages to carry on with her mummy duties as well as planning an ascent into the fitness industry, whilst she flies the flag for what she feels is an under- appreciated plus size market. One smart cookie with her own business, she is undeniably ambitious as well as family focused.

Brooke Westbrooks, 27, comes across as modest and passionate about fashion, she’s a relatable character and I like how she seems truly grateful for the opportunity to influence others. Fuller figured, she’s tapped into a market that is booming, the waist trainer, and is more than happy promoting that figure eight.

In interviews Brooke comes across as honest and reveals that her relationship with the father of her children will feature a lot, this includes ups and downs, highs and lows, which includes her sibling’s opinions on the man she’s been with for over 15 years. Instead of painting a glossy fake picture of a perfect relationship, Brooke hasn’t shied away from sharing her most intimate issues and leaked that she’s quite a sensitive soul, having to contend with low self-esteem which will make viewers love her because she’s anything but fake. Loveable and lending her ear to others we think this dynamic wonderwoman is a dark horse when it comes to picking your fave Westbrooks sister.

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And here are 10 reasons why we’re following Brooke Westbrook on instagram…

1. She’s a Plus Size rep- We love this picture because her @blaurenshop range of fitness clothes is shown here modelled by beautiful women of all sizes. Her instagram is scattered with people’s of beautiful and larger than life friends/ fitness models.

2. She takes her family on the most kick ass day outs- I wish my mum and dad had taken me to a dirt track. She’s into her adrenaline junkie kicks and her family are down for the ride. They also spend a lot of quality time out and struggles to choose where to eat out.

3. She can handle drama- As the oldest of 5 sisters Brooke deserves a medal, acting as a second mum as so many older siblings have to but it’s taught her to be the best mother she can be. She truly appreciates the other ladies in her life and will post pictures sharing her excitement at their success.

4. A curve advocator- Brooke Westbrooks runs a successful waist training business and they’re being snapped up by the minute. She also runs shop B Lauren where fans can recreate her style.

5. Brooke’s nails are fierce- I’ve heard how some mother’s struggle with perfectly manicured talons but she keeps them polished and bedazzled in bling, on fleek. She’ll have you begging your nail technician to recreate her style. Not only are her nails amazing but her make-up is flawless.

6. Her hair- Whether curly, wavy or straight, Brooke’s hair is perfectly positioned, never a hair out of place… how does she find the time?

7. She appreciates SOUL FOOD- She’s pretty down to earth and isn’t pushing slimming tea down our necks. Real women Eat! But she doesn’t pig out 24/7 and promotes healthy eating, it’s all about things in moderation.

8. She works with what her mamma gave her- rocking some seriously sexy workout outfits Brooke has us wanting to update our gym wardrobe and a fitness range is available online.

9. Girl loves her workouts- Just as much as she enjoys choosing her outfit to get the job done. Brooke isn’t trying to lose her curves, instead she cares about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

10. She’s a proud mummy- and especially loves snapping her baby girl who is gorgeous and loves to pose just like mummy. You can’t not find her children adorable.

Now press that follow button for Brooke Westbrooks at @shes_brookelauren.

The new series of The Westbrooks comes to UK screen this Sunday 17th January on BET at 8pm. Sky 187 / Virgin 184 / Freesat 140.

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