After seeing Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide host the UK leg on the Blackheart Burlesque show, we couldn’t help but to write this special feature in honour of the beautiful bombshell.

Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide is stunning beyond belief. She has the personality to match her gorgeous looks and a body some women can only dream of having. Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide has already topped the list of our 30 sexiest Suicide Girls of ALL time, and when you take a the images below you will you see why.

Are we biased because she is a British Suicide Girl? Nah, not at all, however it was slightly uncanny knowing that we like the British girl immediately after seeing her on stage.

You can follow Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide on twitter @katsandcrows, and her Suicide Girls page is Katherine. And now here’s our 10 reasons we follow Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide on instagram.

1. Our UK stunner Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide is wild on stage.

2. She has legs that go on forever 

3. She’s got amazing fire talent, click play and see.

4. She knows how to grind 

5. Check out her amazing tattoo’s

6. Doesn’t she look awesome on a bike?

7. She rolls with the hottest chicks

8. She know’s how to ride. Click play and see

9. She’s got the Geek Chic look on lock down.

10. She’s badass (literally)

11. Click the tweet button below if you wish you was this tattoo artist right now!

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12. She’s an absolute beauty

13. Who needs playboy when you’ve got Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide?

14. Bet, you wish she was your girlfriend?

15. Whoops, we just realised we have done 15 reasons rather than 10. We got completely consumed and forget what we were doing. We will leave you to caption this image yourself. Leave your comments below. BE CREATIVE.

Follow Rebecca Crow AKA Katherine Suicide on intsagram @katsandcrows NOW! We are.