Long known as the ULTIMATE vibrator, the Rampant Rabbit has been pleasuring women across the globe since the 1990’s. Also known as the UK’s favourite sex toy, the Rabbit has been on the scene thrilling women with clitoral stimulation that no man can ever compete with.

Sh! Womenstore – Jessica Rabbit £40

Rabbit vibrators come in many different sizes, shapes and functionality. For the best vibrator sex, you can get waterproof versions for those of you that like its in the shower, mini rabbits for the shy amounts us, rotating shaft for wild rabbit sex and extra oh la la, small, slim, big, multi-functional, the list of rampant rabbit vibrator goes on.

You can buy a Rabbit for a little as £8 which makes the sex toys vibrators a perfect for a gift, read any rabbit review and you will see. And some of the more expensive Rabbits can easily cost over £100. We recommend somewhere along the lines of £30 – £60 as you get more bang for your buck (pardon the pun) and it will probably last you a lot longer than the cheaper models, think of it like lingerie, there is high end and low end, each have their place in your chest of drawers.

So what makes the Rabbit so good and why is it so addictive, here’s 10 reasons? 

1. The Jessica Rabbit (pictured above) has free-flowing pearls for amazing internal massage, right where you are most sensitive. Oh so sexy.

2. It also comes with 10 types of vibration, including escalating and pulse patters, plus 4 of shaft rotation offers the potential for blended orgasms galore and the best vibrator sex!

3. Most rabbits are now waterproof, so you can use them in the shower and the bath. Bliss.

4. You simply cannot compare a rabbit to a man. So why not get him to join in with you? This way he won’t get jealous or suffer from a damaged ego, when he realises that the rabbit has a one up on him.

5. Did you know orgasms help you sleep better? Simply use it every night before bed whole a good nights sleep. No sleeping pills needed.

6. Showgirl? Let your man or women sit back and relax while you indulge yourself in a orgasm. Close your eyes, fantasise and let the rabbit to the leg work.

7. Get in to the traditional ballerina position by lifting one of your legs up and out from your body. Now let him slip the Rabbit vibrator inside you and lead his other hand to your clitoris.

8. Hands Free: Yes, HANDS FREE. You can now buy hands free versions of the rabbit. #Amazing. Simply insert and let it ripped. Now you can use your hands to stroke and feel your nipples. hmmmm.

9. Don’t have time? Fear not. The rabbit is perfect for a quickkie. All you have to do is slip the Rabbit ears against your clitoris, lie back in the missionary position and what for it…. POW in under 2-3 mins flat, you will have probably had an orgasm. We did.

10. Most of these Rabbit only take 1 or 2 AA batteries. Be sure to stock up and buy high powered batteries. The last thing you want is the rabbit to run out of steam just before climax.

Go to now and see for yourself.

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