Assuming that you plucked up the courage to download the tinder app and throw yourself out into the tinder sea to actually try and find yourself a relationship with a human being, here are a few uplifting reasons why you might want to reconsider that. 

1, Most people aren’t on Tinder for a relationship.

I’m just assuming things here again, but your first relationship goal is probably to have an actual relationship? That get’s a little tricky when you’re more likely to come across people like Joey here who obviously had something a little different in mind.

tinder12, People on tinder seem reluctant to admit they are human

Which makes you wonder if they actually are? …Are they? …Are they really though?

tinder 2

Because if they’re not then you should reconsider having any kind of relationship goals whatsoever with them.

3, Netflix and chill.

This is a relatively easy relationship goal considering that it gradually becomes the very core of any long-term relationship, until you slowly start growing into the couch and eventually get eaten by actual bears. Tinder will ruin this for you.

tinder 3

4, Someone to talk to about your day

Is definitely something to look for in a relationship… not on tinder though I’m afraid.

tinder 4

5, Actually had a decent conversation? Let’s meet up!

This is dating material right here.

tinder 5

6, So I’ll just wait a bit longer before meeting up this time?

Can’t say I’d recommend that either.

tinder 6

7, You’re unlikely to find someone who can spell

You’re more likely to find someone with an anger management problem, and you should really be staying far away from those. That is a RED FLAG. Btw.

tinder 7

8, Tim is right you know

He is everything you do not want in a life partner.

 tinder 8

9, After a while, you won’t have any relationship goals left.

Cause you won’t want a relationship at all. Instead you will wonder if this is really what’s left of the single status human population? And slowly start to believe it is.

tinder 9

10, Then again, you might just find your perfect match.


tinder 10