In the last series of Made in Chelsea, we saw poor old Binky Felstead go through such a hard time with losing her friends while also dealing with a cheating boyfriend. Anyone with half a brain should know if your friend is in love with someone who is cheating the best thing they can do is support you no matter what you decide to do and do not get involved.

However, how anyone can cheat on our beautiful Binky Felstead is a total mystery. We thought we would show her some major love in our Girl Crush Wednesday spot.

Here are 10 reasons to follow the gorgeous Miss Felstead on Instagram.

1. What can I say, Binky really doesn’t need all this make-up as she’s a natural beauty but none-the-less so Beautiful.

2. I have no doubt that men and women alike can appreciate this sexy underwear shot.

3. What I wouldn’t give to look this stunning in my undies.

4. If I was that way inclined…. She’d get it! Haha I’ve turned into a man

5. Even as a blonde…. She totally pulls off this look.

6. The secretary look, this is starting to make me feel inadequate.

7. Still Looking stunning frolicking around on a beach.

8. See she is just a natural beauty.

9. Does this girl ever not look stunning?

10. OK I’m begging PLEASE BE MY FRIEND I need tips on how to look like you.