BET’s hit show Let’s Stay Together is back! If you haven’t been watching, we don’t know where you’ve been!?

Here are 10 Reasons you simply must tune in.

1. It will make you laugh. All the characters in this show are hilarious. This is the perfect pick-me-up after a long hard day.

2. Kyla Pratt is in it and she’s all grown up. Remember the cute teenager in One on One, the sassy voice on The Proud Family? Yes, that’s Kyla.

3. RonReaco Lee is also in it and he’s all grown up too. We would remember him from playing Tyreke Scott who was Tia Mowry’s boyfriend during the final two seasons of Sister Sister. RonReaco as a teen was cute, RonReaco as a man… is a very good reason to tune in!

4. The show depicts both professional white collar and hard working blue collar employees. A breath of fresh air from the usual drugs, gangs, council estates Vs ‘reality TV’ that we are often bombarded with on British television.

5. It’s a brand new series, not a repeat. Let’s be honest, BET in the UK can repeat the living dream out of things. Let’s be grateful for this new season – or any new season.

6. Look at the stats. The 2011 premier of Let’s Stay Together in debuted at no. 2 in the US, right behind The Game. It also averaged approx 3 million viewers in the first season. There must be something in it.

7. The press release promises that ‘Season 4 is sure to be filled with juicy new plot twists’. Juicy new plot twists? Got to tune in for that.

8. It’s relatable. Even though Let’s Stay Together is billed as a romantic comedy, whatever your relationship status, there is a character in this programme you can relate to.
Newly weds, married with kids, single sassy female, serial dater, it’s all in there.

9. There are some gems. Again, even though Let’s Stay Together is billed as a ‘romantic comedy’, like most sit coms, there is a pearl of wisdom in each episode. It’s not the relationship bible, but if you are going through something, you may just get some direction from this show.

10. This show had been airing since 2011 and has had four seasons. Even if you haven’t been watching, millions of others have. Don’t be the one to miss out any further!

Watch Let’s Stay Together Every Wednesday at 10pm only on BET [Sky 187, Virgin 184, Freesat 140]

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