If you haven’t heard of the London Wonderground or Miss Polly Rae or ‘Between The Sheets’ then you must be living a pretty boring life.

All through the summer, the London Wonderground has a dazzling array of events with everything from burlesque shows like ‘Between The Sheets’ to an Anti Art school called Dr Sketchy’s which I will be attending.

After experiencing ‘Between The Sheets’, I was compelled with velocity to write this article. I previously interviewed Miss Polly Rae and have been gagging to see her live ever since. ‘Between The Sheets stars Kitty Bang Bang, Phil InGud, Madame De Voila, Stephen Williams, Callum McDonald, Frisky Mivaj and Abi Blaine

So fasten your seat belts as we go full throttle into Miss Polly Rae’s Boudoir with our 10 reasons why you need to see ‘Between The Sheets’.

1. First and foremost, ‘Between The Sheets’ stars the beautifully salacious and stunning Miss Polly Rae.

Miss Polly Rae Flavourmag 12

2. ‘Between The Sheets’ also stars one of my favourite fire performers Kitty Bang Bang.

kitty bang bang

3. The show is a mixed of burlesque, playful humour, comedy and lust. It has the perfect mix of ingredients to please anyone.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 36

4. Between the Sheets features guys too, so ladies you get an eyeful just like us men. It’s equally balanced for both sexes.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 19

5. Grab a front seat or a seat on the edge of the pathways and if you keep your fingers crossed and wish upon a star, you might just get a lap dance from Miss Polly Rae as she wonders the crowd. I did and I’m still excited a week later.

Miss Polly Rae Flavourmag 21

6. Kitty Bang Bang is not your average fire breather, I witnessed Kitty in full throttle sending flames along her arms and catching the flame on a stick. Wowzer.

7. Have I mentioned Madame De Voila? Truly seductive and a body to die for. I won’t tell you the Madames tricks. You will have to go and see for yourself.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 17

8. Do you like to laugh? No problem Frisky Mivaj add the comedy element to the show without spoiling the vibe. In fact Frisky Mivaj is the perfect edition and adds balance to the show.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 34

9. For the girls. As mentioned about they have men in the show too. But look out for the super ripped, super sexy rope acrobat. He will blow your mind.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 38

10. Miss Polly Rae’s songs throughout the night will either have you laughing out loud or gently singing along while she seduces the audience with her sexy covers. Oh la la.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 35

Speaking of oh la la. Look out for Kitty Bang Bang’s absinth scene, and also Miss Polly Rae’s provocative outfits.

Miss Polly Rae Between The Sheets 28

It’s time to enter Miss Polly Rae’s boudoir. The only bad thing I have to say about Between The Sheets is: Why does it have to end?

Gagging for more? Watch the teaser trailer below

The next show is 30th July. Get your ticket now before it’s too late: http://www.londonwonderground.co.uk/whats-on/between-the-sheets-an-intimate-cabaret1

Photo’s above courtesy of Miss Polly Rae, via John-Paul Bichard

Oh wait, there’s more. Have a look at this stunning gallery of Miss Polly Rae.

Miss Polly Rae and Kitty Bang Bang. Dreams are made of this.
Miss Polly Rae and Kitty Bang Bang. Dreams are made of this.