Charlie Barker is a fashionista that we are very fond of at Flavourmag. Why? Charlie is the type of lady we would like to have as our fashion editor here at Flavourmag.

p.s. If you are reading this Charlie, send a tweet to @LeonardWFoster and let’s hook something up. I digress. Take a look at Charlie’s instagram and twitter account and you will see what all the noise is about.

First up you will notice that Charlie is smoking hot, but not your average hot, I’m referring to the oh so trendy, uber sexy, yet ever so cool type of hot that only a few people manage to pull off. People like Kate Perry and Kali Uchis. Yes those people who know how to rock urban chic and glam rock with minimal effort.

So with that in mind here’s 10 reasons you should be following Charlie Barker on instagram.

1. I said it earlier… Smoking HOT, but not your average hot.

2. So hot that Charlie has already been tapped by Footlocker and Converse.

3. She’s a life size Barbie.

4. She’s got a wild sense of fashion.

5. She’s not afraid to be bold.

6. We bet she’s a bag of laughs and a whole lot of fun…

7. Did she just snap your fantasy in a selfie…?

8. Yet she still takes what she does seriously.

9. How many people can get away with a photo like this? 

10. Or like this and still look cool?

11. Charlie can because she is badasssssss!

12. I told you she is badassss

Wow I think I got a little carried away, was only supposed to write 10 reasons, but instead I have given you 12 and I could go on and on as her instagram is fully loaded with funky images.

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