Lexus NX

Simply sublime, was the time we spent cruising around the city of London in the new Lexus NX 300h (hybrid).

After a weeks worth of driving, speeding, posing and cruising to beaches, events, and simply driving for the fun of it, we came to the conclusion that WE LOVE THIS CAR!

The Lexus NX 300h (hybrid) comes with an on the road starting price of £29,995.00, however the model we test drove was the satin silver coloured Lexus NX 300h Luxury, which is available in the UK with front or all-wheel-drive and it’s Lexus’s first compact crossover vehicle.

Lexus NX 300h luxury

Here’s 10 reasons we and you’ll love the Lexus NX 300h (hybrid).

1. It’s beautiful

SUV’s or Jeep’s can sometimes be a bit, errr, square in design. They can sometimes resemble an enormous cube with four wheels. The Lexus NX 300h smashes that myth and brings an aero-dynamic look and feel to the world of SUV’s. The Lexus NX 300h has curves and clean minimalistic lines in it’s design. It’s futuristic styling put this vehicle on the haute couture catwalks of SUV’s. Look below and you will see…

2. It’s looks just as good on the inside

The Lexus NX 300h looks just as good on the inside. From a drivers perspective, everything you need is in your peripheral vision. The steering wheel, dashboard and on board gadgets are all within reachable arms length giving you a sense of comfort and security while driving.

Lexus NX interior

3. The leather

The very soft leather seats within the model we drove feels luxurious and cosy. Unlike some leathers which can feel hard and almost PVC like… The leather within the Lexus is almost cotton like to touch, the kind of leather that if it was cotton, you’d want to ask the owner for the thread count.

4. The Detailing

Not only is the high grade leather soft to touch, warm and comfortable, the stitching and tailoring is impressive. A you move your hands up and down the leather interior you’ll feel like Otis Reading singing “Try A Little Tenderness”… It’s the type of interior that makes you want to dress up and drive.

5. The Speed

When I test drive a car, the first thing I want to know is ‘How fast can it go?’… The Lexus NX 300h can hit 62mph in 9.2 secs which is pretty impressive from such a large vehicle with only a two and half litre engine. In comparison to the fastest SUV’s that have to be loaded with a V8 stuffed with 600 horses, the Lexus NX 300h is not your fastest SUV but you’ll probably be more than happy with the speed… If you want something a little bit faster, you may want to look at the Lexus RX 450h.

lexus NX engine

We drove the car at 115mph (along a motorway somewhere) and we could hardly feel the movement. The Lexus holds the road like magnet to steel, you will have to keep checking the speed-o-meter as the cruising feeling from the Lexus easily trick you into not knowing how fast you are really driving… If you’re the type of person that looks for a boy-racer feel, you probably will not find it here, however if you want a more sophisticated drive with acceleration when need that you’re in for a treat.

6. Cruising

Conversely to wanting to find out exactly how fast this car goes, I tended to find myself cruising around town rather than ripping around town. Think D’Angelo ‘Cruising’ song, while ‘Thinking out Aloud’ to Ed Sheeran with a sprinkle of Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars when you switch to sports mode and you’ll get my drift. I spent lots of time driving slow, simply cruising and enjoying the ride and hydraulics. It’s smooth, it’s ever so smooth and the elevated feeling of driving a SUV put’s you just a bit higher than other drivers. Never have I driven a car so slowly, I just simply wanted to savour every moment.

7. The Panoramic Sunroof (optional extra)

The model I drove came with the Panoramic Sunroof which is an optional extra. Worth its weight in gold, I couldn’t imagine owning this vehicle without opting for the sunroof. The roof gives the SUV an almost convertible car feel. It lets in lots of light and gives the passengers an impressive sky view. So impressive, that I almost never had anyone ask to ride shotgun. Everyone I drove always wanted to sit in the back and enjoy the spacious ride and the skyline views as we travelled. You may find yourself, driving alone in the front while your friends sit in the back… Oh well, life goes on.

Road Trip: The panoramic sunroof, while we drove to Camber Sands...
Road Trip: The panoramic sunroof, while we drove to Camber Sands…

8. The hybrid

In ECO mode, the car is efficient on petrol, I had an inclination that I would be filling up the tank twice within the week with all the miles I accumulated. Trips to the beach, cruising at night around the city, and simply just driving for no-reason in the daytime, but no, the full tank pretty much handled everything I needed it for. As much as I love an SUV, I do not love queueing in a petrol station two – three times a week and with the Lexus, you hopefully wont need to.

Lexus Rear

9. The boot space.

Pop the boot and you’ll relish in the fact that you can almost fit anything you need within the boot. Golf clubs, gym equipment, ski equipment, dead bodies… You name it, it can all fit in there, plus if you need even more space, you can always flip the back seats down and free-up more space.

Lexus boot

10. And finally

There isn’t much to complain about when it comes to the Lexus NX 300h. Yes the in-car-entertainment could have packed a bit more bass, but after driving the fully loaded Pioneer Car, no standard in-car-entertainment system can really compete. The Sat-Nav is easy to use (once you get used to it), plus under the arm rest you’ll find extra USB’s for connecting and charging your phone as well as a wireless charger pad which my Samsung Galaxy S7 fit snugly.

For further information visit where you can book a test drive, build your car to your specifications online or simply browse the latest news and offers from Lexus.