Keeping the spark lit in a relationship requires work. Some couples opt for weekly date nights and unexpected gifts, but if you don’t feel these everyday tricks are working for you, here’s a secret weapon.

Research conducted by the US Travel Association has found that couples who regularly travel together are more happy and satisfied in their relationships. They even get to enjoy better sex and the romance won’t fade right after the plane touches down!

So where should you travel? Nearly 74% of getaways taken have couples visiting a city destination, followed by romantic beach holidays. Most couples are also savvy shoppers and know booking online is a great way to save money. A number of travel agencies offer special discounts through voucher codes. understands the consumers’ need & hence ventures out to systematically list active & most used vouchers instead of making users to hunt through thousands of inactive deals.

And the favourite destinations couples love to visit? Here are ten stunningly romantic destinations to keep in mind.

1. Porto, Portugal


For a couple wanting excitement and fun, Porto is the perfect city destination. This Portuguese city is among Europe’s oldest tourist destinations, but it is full of modern and cool places to hang out. You’ll get to dive into the rich history of the city, but also experience some of its new cultural quirkiness.

2. Victoria, the Seychelles


If you want relaxation from your romantic getaway, the Seychelles is the place to be. The tiny and cosy capital city Victoria should be your main destination and from there, you could take beautiful tours, such as deep-sea fishing, around the island. It’s a destination for luxury and pampering!

3. San Sebastian, Spain

Spain is a great country and San Sebastian one of its best gems. The tiny seaside destination has the best of both worlds. You can spend time on the luscious beach sunbathing and surfing, as well as tour the little markets and boutiques. You’ll be able get lost in each other in some of the romantic taverns or watch the sunset in the private terraces of the best hotels.

4. Bruges, Belgium


If you are looking for history mixed with modern atmosphere, Bruges is a great getaway destination. The Belgian city is the perfect combination of a city holiday and secluded serenity. The open squares and cobblestone streets will take you back in time.

5. Savannah, the US

Want to experience the rich history of the US without breaking the budget? Savannah in the state of Georgia is a must-see destination. The romantic gardens are perfect for a stroll and the city is full of some fantastic food.

6. Vienna, Austria


Austria is a country with rich history mixed and stunning cake baking skills. These are definitely valid reasons to visit the capital city Vienna. While Vienna is a stunning city to tour in all seasons, we’d definitely suggest you consider it for a pre-Christmas getaway. This is when Vienna’s stunning buildings and romantic cafes are at their finest.

7. Guilin, China

The adventurous couple should head out to China for a romantic getaway. Guilin is a hidden secret in the southern province of Guangxi. It’s a stunning city with a subtropical climate, mountainous landscapes and rich history to astound you. With its royal history, you’ll get to experience a culture like no other in Guilin.

8. St. Ives, the United Kingdom

st ives

Want something closer to home? If you are looking to spend a weekend together, but want something more than your couch and Netflix, head down to St. Ives. It’s one of Britain’s most romantic locations with hidden coves to sneak into and have a snog. You could spend the day travelling along the seaside or cosy up in one of the cute little pubs.

9. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango is among the sexiest dances in the world and there’s no better place to be swept by it than the city of Buenos Aires. The city will offer you stunning nightlife and amazing cultural diversity during the day. You’ll also be able to enjoy amazing culinary experiences in this Argentinian city.

10. Québec City, Canada


Québec City is definitely a surprising destination – the perfect pick for an unexpected gift for your loved one. The St. Lawrence River sets the mood with its romantic cruises and you can enjoy the starry night sky by strolling along the city’s historic streets.

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