Love it or hate it, Valentines Day delivers some of the sexiest videos adverts ever! Some adverts inspire you to grab hold of Valentines Day and do something special for your partner, while other adverts steer clear of partners and inspire you to concentrate on yourself.

This is the time when lingerie retailers get excited, it’s the time when you have an excuse to be ever so naughty without a backlash from your partner. It’s the time of year when ‘Sexy’ becomes the IT word and ‘Passion’ becomes romantic.

So whether you’re in love or just playing around, or simply have your eye on someone, here is a selection of videos that should whet your appetite (Pun Intended) for Valentines Day

We’ve gathered 10 of the SEXIEST Valentines video adverts ever below and we want you to decide which video represents you on V-Day.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley ‘Love Me Tender’ aka ‘Don’t forget Valentines Day’ by Agent Provocateur

Coco De Mer x Pamela Anderson: ‘Take Your Breathe Away’ video by Rankin

Ann Summers – Valentines Day – Give Him Wood commercial

Ann Summers Valentines campaign: Love, Lust and Everything Inbetween. 

No Soft Toys Allowed – Valentines Day 2011 – Ann Summers

Agent Provocateur Classics: Valentine’s Night

To be continued…