I mean most of us already know we’re a wanderluster, but just in case you needed reassurance here it is.

1. You book a holiday when you’re on a holiday


I have been guilty of going this so many times. Booking a holiday when I am already on one. You can’t think of anything else a part from wanting to keep that feeling you have at the moment to last forever.

2. You start your stories with “When I was in”


It may sound a little twatty, but all your stories are related to your travelling days. You can’t help it, it just becomes your life.

3. You prefer experiences not things


You stop buying unnecessary things and pride yourself on providing people with experiences. You no longer buy gifts and instead you take your mate out to an adventure.

4. When someone asks where you got something from you name a country instead of a brand


There is nothing more exciting then when someone asks you where you get something from and you reply with ‘Paris.’ Stops them right in their tracks, and it also gives you a sense of pride knowing that they may never get the same outfit.

5. You can sleep anywhere


Like literally anywhere. Once you slept at a bus stop or at an airport floor early in the morning then you’re good to sleep anywhere.

6. Jetlag isn’t a real thing, not for you anyway


Jetlag? What does that even mean? You’ve mastered how to just get your shit together and go straight out. No time wasted.

7. When you see someone purchase something designer you think I could buy a flight with that


So many times you would see your mate with a designer bag, and every time you do you think “I could buy a flight with that.”

8. You realise a bed is a luxury


You have become so used to sleeping in planes, hostels, camp sites, couches, bus stops and back of peoples cars that you realise a bed is a luxury. And you will appreciate that damn bed every time.

9. You do a lot of free things


The best things in life is free. Seriously! Being able to do free things is like a drug for a wanderluster.

10. You never take anything for granted


Every day you think to yourself, do you want people to remember the me who lived life with no regrets? Or the girl who bought a house? In the end we all remember the good things we did in life and we’re grateful for every experience. Wanderluster


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