Why so many games? It’s the pathetic cry of the one on in deep, the one who knows they are falling into the abyss of love, while the object of their affection is still at the top of the cliff watching them fall.

We often ask our friends, colleagues, hairdresser, the dry cleaner, “what do you think it means when he/she does…….”. We know what it means, it means we’re being played but just are in too deep to admit the truth to yourself.

So before you bore everyone you know with any more questions here are the top ten signs you’re being played.

1. Your texts, whatsapps, bbm messages are left hanging or answered with short replies. These are called instant messages for a reason, if you are left waiting more than a few hours or regularly answered with no more than two words then you ain’t giving them butterflies.

2. Your dates are always at your expense or for their benefit. If a woman is playing you she’ll only agree to see you when you’re taking her somewhere she really wants to go. A guy will only want to see you when sex is on the agenda and it’s not costing him more than a bottle of half price wine.

3. Pillow talk doesn’t happen. This is the time for sharing your wonder for each other and basking in the after amour glow. If your pillow talk seems more like “cheers for that” or “are you still here?” It doesn’t look good.

4. Their phone is a great mystery. This can be one of two reasons, it rings or alerts all the time yet they don’t answer or respond around you, or their phone stays on silent, locked and kept well out of your spying grasp.

5. You get Tuesdays, or another nondescript day of the week. Weekends are kept free for the things they really want to do.

6. Babe, Hun, Darling or another pet name is what a player will call you, so should they slip up with who they are talking to it doesn’t matter. Some players will wake up and forget who they fell asleep with, if they look surprised and hurry you out in the morning, you’re not the only one sleeping in that bed.

7. You’ve never met their friends or family (intentionally) and they don’t want to meet yours. Not only are they not interested in showing you off and bringing you into their inner circle they don’t want all your friend becoming spies and letting you know when they’ve been spotted with someone else.

8. Their social networks either don’t exist or are boring beyond belief. A player will have their social network running on safe mode. Either you can’t find them or there is nothing but a few generic posts or tweets that give nothing away about their personal life.

9. They get really busy around special occasions. Birthday coming up, they’re out the country. Valentines day in the horizon, they’ve got a product launch at work. A player will anticipate occasions they know they should put effort into but won’t for you and have a good excuse why well in advance.

10. You don’t feel happy most of the time. The most simple rule of thumb, if the person you are seeing is making you doubt yourself, feel miserable and question if they really care about you…..they don’t. Trust your intuition and find someone who values you.

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