I mean I am not going to lie I have been on a few dates in my lifetime. I actually like to call them hang-outs because I obviously have commitment issues.

Honestly I haven’t had that many terrible dates in my lifetime, which is pretty good considering I am in my mid to late 20’s. But there have been a few where lads like to talk way too much shit, talk about their ex’s or ask you to go back to their house after the date that wasn’t even that great. Read the room lads. So I decided to compile ‘10 things you should never do on a first date,’ in no particular order of course.

1. Talk about the Ex


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Yes, we all have them, but when you talk about them on the date it makes you look like a twat who hasn’t moved forward. So don’t do that.

2. Eat with your mouth full

kanye hell no

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I know it’s exciting to be on a date with me that you can’t stop talking, but no one wants to see you stuffing your face.

3. Fail to mention you have a girlfriend


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Well, hate to point out the obvious but it has to be noted as it has been done before. Failing to mention you have a girlfriend or ex-girlfriend that is still in play even though you may be on a break. Just save everyone some time and mention it.

4. Talk about yourself too much

gambino no

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I know, you want to impress me. But talking about yourself the whole time isn’t really going to cut it.

5. Talk about money

tina fey no

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Ok, so you earn a lot of money. Big whoop, that money going to pay for your personality too?

6. Say the L word

no baby no

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Some lads like to fall head over heels literally, by mentioning that they ‘love’ me on the first date. It’s a wee bit too much, maybe save it for the 2nd date.

7.  Talk about marriage and kids

no no no

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I know, I look like I am marriage material but hey let’s enjoy each other’s company before we talk about how viable my eggs are.

8.  Lie, about anything

no thank you

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The worst thing a lad can do to a lady is to lie. Doesn’t matter how big or small it is, but if it happens on the first date it’s never going to be pretty when the truth comes out.

9. Try to be someone else

miley no

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I’ve been on many dates before, and sometimes I find that lads try to hard to impress me. This is not such a bad thing, but the last thing I want is for a lad to be uncomfortable. Be yourself, that’s the best quality you have.

10. Use your phone


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I mean everyone is on their phone nowadays right? There is nothing worse that chatting to someone who is always on their phone. Surely you can put the phone down for a good solid hour so that you can just get to know someone, then the rest of your life without them you can surf your phone how many times you want.