From the Oscars to the Grammys, our favourite stars are constantly rocking new looks. As the runway opens its doors to baggy trousers, long-line leather coats, and now stylish shades, high fashion’s evolution is beginning on the red carpet.

As some of the globe’s top designers release their newest runway trends in the form of celebrity attire, accessories have become the newest hit on the red carpet. From bags to gold statement pieces, we’ve seen the likes of Kim Kardashian and Beyonce try on hundreds of styles, including Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci and more.

Sunglasses, in particular, have become a must-have on the red carpet. Whether it’s a summer afternoon shoot or a Winter carpet walk, you can bet that at least one celebrity will be rocking a new pair of shades. Let’s have a look at ten times a celeb’s sunnies stole the show.

Jack Nicholson / Oscars 1976

Seeing sunglasses on the red carpet is nothing new. One of the most iconic specs-inspired moments at a major celebrity event is Jack Nicholson’s 1976 Oscars look, where he went on to pick up the best actor award for One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Sporting his famous Ray-Ban aviator shades, Nicholson didn’t only walk the carpet in his sunglasses but gave his winning speech in them too.

Since then, he has rarely been found without his signature orange-tinted lenses, even into his mid-eighties.

Kim Kardashian / Vanity Fair’s Oscars Party 2022

Jumping forward to 2022, we have also seen Kim Kardashian rocking a pair of wrap-around, silver-styled Balenciaga glasses at Vanity Fair’s 2022 Oscars Party.

Paired with her sky blue skin-tight latex dress, equipped with built-in gloves, her look from Balenciaga’s AW22 collection saw her shades take centre stage.

These Matrix-inspired micro shades threatened to steal the show, bringing this sleek, winter-style look together.

Rami Malek / Oscars 2022

We’ve seen him rock the classic Freddie Mercury aviators and Mr Robot’s stylish square frames, but Rami Malek put his own twist on his shade style for the 2022 Oscars red carpet.

Sporting the iconic Prada Polarised sunglasses, Rami opted for a circular, oversized aviator style which paired perfectly with his classic Cartier tuxedo and black bow tie. 

Justin Beiber / Grammys 2022

While Justin Beiber was nominated for 8 awards at the 2022 Grammys, the most-anticipated singer-songwriter, unfortunately, went home empty-handed.

However, his Grammy look was one to be remembered, especially for his iconic shades. His big and baggy trousers, styled by Balenciaga, were paired with bold black-rimmed frames in a thin, futuristic style, platform crocs and a hot pink beanie.

This was one outfit that couldn’t help but stand out on the carpet, even with no awards to accessorize. 

Rihanna / Cannes Film Festival 2017

Rihanna also put her own twist on Matrix-inspired fashion at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Before the trend hit the mainstream, Rihanna sported her Andy Wolf White Heat Ojala sunglasses and stole the red carpet. These shades had bold white frames and thin, geometric lenses that were hard to miss.

She paired the look with an elegant ruffle trim coat from Elaidi and an even more enchanting gown from Talbot Runhof.

Glenn Close / Oscars 1991-1997

Glen Close is the queen of wearing stylish shades on the red carpet. After being recognised for not one but three separate sunglasses styles on the runway, it’s time to look at the shades that define her Oscars red carpet legacy.

From her 1991 round shades that she paired with a classic black gown to her very different 1993 John Lennon-inspired coloured lenses, Glen Close has worn a number of well-known names, ranging from Prada to Versace.

Brad Pitt / Bullet Train Premiere 2022

Brad Pitt is not afraid to steal the show with his red carpet looks. One example of this is his most recent carpet look for the Bullet Train Premiere in Berlin.

Sporting a skirt on the runway, paired with iconic brown framed shades, Pitt told the press that he wanted to play with gender norms.

Better still, his salmon-coloured look at the Paris premiere also turned heads, especially when paired with his trusty aviator-style specs.

Leonardo DiCaprio / Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Premiere 2019

We can’t mention Brad without mentioning Leo. Both A-listers also took centre stage for their style during the Once Upon A Time In Hollywood premiere in 2019.

Both wearing a pair of Garrett Leight’s famous shade styles, Pitt opted for a classic wayfarer style while Leo sported his square Beach Sun Frames.

Billie Eilish / Grammys 2022

Billie Eilish is no stranger to rocking new fashion trends. At the 2022 Grammy awards, the singer-songwriter was seen walking the red carpet in her oversized, cape-coat style jacket by Rick Owens paired with strikingly thin sunglasses from Arnette that brought the look together.

As Matrix-inspired fashion trends flood the runway in 2023, it’s clear that Eilish was ahead of the game with this futuristic statement outfit.

Susan Sarandon / SAG Awards 2018

Last but not least, we must mention Oscar-award-winning actress Susan Sarandon. After taking home the best actress award in the 1996 Oscars ceremony, all while sporting her tortoiseshell D&G frames, Sarandon continues to wear stylish shades on the red carpet.

Her most recent iconic look came from the 2018 SAG awards carpet, where she commanded viewer attention with her Moooi x Gentle Monster’s Divinity shades.

Pairing the specs with her glamorous off-the-shoulder Navy gown by Alberta Ferretti, this 71-year-old proves that high fashion has no age.

The question is, what stylish specs could we see next on the runway?

Image via Unsplash