We have all heard a number of urban myths but many of us are often left debating whether or not to believe them.

We have set the record straight, with a few of the most commonly believed urban myths.

Eating cheese before bed will give you nightmares.
False. There is no scientific evidence to prove that eating any form of cheese before sleeping will give you nightmares. So from now on, sweet dreams!

Spitting on a bloodstain will help remove it.
True. Your saliva contains enzymes that can break down the stain and remove it.

If you eat Mento mints after drinking Coke your stomach will explode.
False. Although dropping a Mento mint into a glass of Cola will cause a reaction to occur in the form of a small explosion, drinking coke and eating Mento’s at the same time will not have the same effect on your stomach. Your body has other ways of releasing excess gas without the need to explode.

You swallow spiders in your sleep.
False. Although not impossible to swallow anything as you sleep, then chances are you will feel the spider crawl across your face and into your mouth before you actually swallow it.

Lightning never strikes twice.
False. Lightening actually can strike twice. The Empire State Building in New York gets struck approximately 25 times each year.

Eating five pieces of fruit and veg each day will help you live longer.
False. Although there is no doubt that vegetables and fruit are good for you, there is no scientific proof that eating five pieces a day will help you live longer.

Eating before you swim will cause a cramp.
False. There is no evidence to support this theory, although it is always recommended to wait before participating in any exercise in order to enable your body to digest any food.

Punching a shark directly on the nose will end any shark attack.
False. It would be more effective to claw at the shark’s sensitive eyes in order to fight off an attacking shark.


Reading in the dark will eventually make you blind.
False. Although dim lighting can put more strain on our eyes, reading in the dark will not cause any damage to your eyesight. Although it is always recommended to read in a well-lit room.

Bubblegum takes seven years to pass through your system.
False. Bubblegum passes through the body like any other food and only takes a few days on average to pass through your system.

Words by Cher Heasmer