10 Ways to Bring Art into your Home

Art means different things to different people, and we all have our own ideas of what is appealing or meaningful to us. Art can be a subtle way of sharing your style and bringing variety to your home.

One thing that is universally true about art, though, is that it isn’t just something on a canvas that you hang on the wall. Art can be incorporated into a huge variety of items around your home without dominating your wall space. It can even add functionality to your home, making your life easier. Here are some of the best ways to incorporate art into your home.

Bathroom sink

Bathroom sinks have come a long way from the solid surface white porcelain sinks you see in hardware stores. Bathroom sinks come in a wide variety of styles and colours and can be made out of everything from blown glass to river rocks or other natural items. If you’re updating your bathroom anyway, add a splash of style and art with one of these beautiful sinks.


Wall hooks don’t have to be boring! Antlers, flowers, tiny paintings with hooks, glass mosaics – all these and more can be found in wall hooks. Pick something to complement the aesthetic in your home, or choose something different to bring a surprising splash of colour or texture into your home.

Potted plants

Potted plants might make you think of your grandma, but grandma hasn’t seen anything like the plants and pots that are available today! Tiny bonsai trees, bamboo trained into different art forms, and other types of plants actually look more like art than living things. If you’re keen to try a plant that is a little more low-maintenance, choose a pot or group of pots that complement your decor. Pots can be artistic too!

Outdoor water fountains

An outdoor water feature is a beautiful addition to the exterior of your home. Whether it’s the focal point of your front yard or provides a backdrop to a relaxing area in your backyard, a water feature is a surprising way to add art into your home. Place it near a window so you can enjoy it even when you can’t be outside.


An accent chair can brighten up your room without costing a lot of money. A pop of colour, a surprising pattern, or modern furniture style can completely transform a room without breaking the bank. Add a throw cushion that matches the other furniture you have to seamlessly integrate your new chair into your existing style.


Mirrors bring depth to your home, making it feel larger and brightening up dark walls. Strategically group mirrors along walls to create interest or choose mirrors framed with mosaics or delicate metalwork to add art to your walls.

Light fixtures

Light fixtures are an inexpensive way to draw the eyes up and make your ceilings appear taller. They add interest to otherwise boring ceilings. Blown glass, bright colours, and interesting material combinations can make a light fixture double as a sculpture for your home.


Bookcases don’t have to hold books, and they don’t have to be boring either. Bookcases made of metal, glass, or some combination can make a boring corner into a focal centrepiece. Instead of books, try adding smaller pieces of art such as vases, textured balls, and interesting ceramic works to your shelves.

Coffee table

The coffee table is another area that can bring a unique style to your home. Modern design elements can combine materials and make an art piece that you can be proud of. Coffee tables come in a huge variety of designs which incorporate natural elements to wow visitors as well as adding functionality to your home.

Wall sculptures

Just because you’re short on space doesn’t mean you have to be short on style. The vertical spaces in your home can display sculptures made of all types of media. The possibilities are endless here. Wall sculptures can have unique textures and colours and even different depths, adding a lot of life to your home without taking up precious floor space.

Adding a few key pieces of art brightens up your home and gives it more visitor appeal. These items can be inexpensive and unique, simply lending some style without taking over a room. Even adding one or two items will update your home and make it feel more like “you”. Add pieces one by one as you find them, and in no time at all, you’ll have art brightening your entire home.