An apple a day keeps the Doctor away. Here at flavourmag we re-phrased that too, A Photo of Gizel a day keeps the Doctor away.

Gizel in an international model and go go dancer. Her model mayhem portfolio is pretty spectacular. Her instagram profile has over 115,000 followers and if her facebook pages had’nt been deleted so many times she would probably have double if not more than the numbers on her instagram.

With a body almost cartoon like (in a good way) and a face to match, Gizel is one hell of a model. We can’t even imagine having a photo shoot with her or even better, bumping into her in a club…

Her instagram account is a daily, continuous supply of awesome images. Kim Kardashian like in the amount of photos posted. You will never get board of stalking seeing her instagram photos.

Here are our 15 reasons we are following Gizel on instagram.

1. If you like boobs, Gizel has them in abundance.

2. She looks like a superimposed baywatch babe.

3. Just look at her body….

4. That moment when the face doesn’t matter.

5. Her friends look like fun too.

6. She looks just as good from the back.

7. She’s got amazing lips.

8. We would love to have her on a Flavourmag photoshoot

9. Refer to number 8.

10. Refer to number 9.

11. Refer to number 10. 

12. This is how a drive to a club or beach with Gizel would look like.

13. She will have you seeing not doubles but triples.

14. She got game.

15. Need help holding those?

Gizel has thousands of photos in her instagram profile so follow her now:

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