Alexandra Morgan is a stunning model, and beautiful woman, who appeared in the beach bunny spreads. We guess we will be seeing of a lot more of Alexandria Morgan in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

Alexandria Morgan is also featured in the new TomTom Cardio Advert, where you can watch her running in slow motion in a strapless bra.

Her instagram bio Reads “Model. Avid bread enthusiast. Former french horn player” her twitter bio reads “Still bitter about my 7th grade gym coach making me run the mile in kmart jeans that one time”. How many models admit to being an AVID BREAST ENTHUSIAST? We think we are in love with Alexandria Morgan.

Here are our 15 reasons why we are following her on instagram.

1. She is absolutely stunning, do you concur?

2. She has a body most women can only dream of.

3. She looks really cute in pig tails.

4. She’s game.

5. With the angelic face she has, you can bring her home to meet your parents.

6. If she was your girlfriend, All your mate would be jealous. Even the girls.

7. Do those legs lead to heaven?

8. She knows how to work her cleavage.

9. We bet she is a really really REALLY good kisser.

10. Sorry Miss, are you going to spank us for being naughty boys?

11. She looks just as hot from the back as she does from the front.

12. Can we squeeze in?

13. Her mates are hot too.

14. Effortlessly stunning without makeup on.

15. Victoria Secrets eat your heart out.

Don’t be a fool, follow her now