A new play entitled ‘1867’ promises to provide audiences with an emotional and touching portrayal of Madam CJ Walker, a woman who overcame many obstacles in her life and was no stranger to adversities.

In ‘1867’ set in the years 1867-1919, when slavery was abolished, we meet the 7 year-old CJ Walker who faced the social and economic upheaval after the end of the American Civil War. The illiterate, impoverished, orphan CJ Walker has to endure much hardship along her journey to adulthood.

The inspiring ‘1867’ is a tribute to the brave and talented woman Madam CJ Walker who worked her way to the top, becoming the first African-American woman to become a self made millionaire.

A celebration to Madam CJ Walker’s, courage and strong-business mind, ‘1867’ reminds many of their culture and how you can achieve your dreams.

‘1867’ will be showing at Rich Mix from 18th -20th February 2010.

Words by Melissa Lewars