Tough Mudder is a gruelling endurance race that has swept across the globe since its inception in Pennsylvania in 2010. Tough Mudder’s catchphrase is ‘probably the toughest event on the planet’ and they’re not wrong.

What happens at the event?
Competitors brave a 10-12 mile obstacle course of hills, mud, water, ropes and walls where they receive electric shocks, fire and crawl through mud tunnels – but the aim of the game is not speed but camaraderie as teams help each other.

What is the point of it?
It was designed by British special forces to test fitness, stamina, mental strength and camaraderie.

Is there a prize?
It is not a race, but a challenge – no prize for first past the post, only the overwhelming sense of achievement as, hand in hand, you tumble together with your team – or stranger you’ve picked up along the way – over the line to receive the coveted orange headband and all important free beer. You could consider raising money for charity by doing it.

Can anybody take part? Or do you need to be supper fit?
Tough Mudder will punish you, no matter your shape, size, or current level of fitness. All participants should increase their physical training in preparation for the event. That said, completing a Mudder is as much about mental toughness, grit, and camaraderie (and having a great time) as anything exclusively physical.

When is the next event?
There are a few events taking place around the UK so check their website for full details and prices: