2015 is well and truly upon us, and so are the new trends that will be embracing us this year. There are a few new trends that are likely to make their way off the catwalk and into mainstream makeup, so take note of these key 2015 trends.

Graphic liner has seen an increase in popularity recently and I see no reason for this to stop.  If you’re not ready to take the plunge into full graphic eyeliner, try drawing a cut crease on top of the lid, or lining the bottom lash line for a softer and more wearable look.

graphic eyeliner

In summer be sure to switch your black eyeliner for a colourful or pastel alternative to compliment fashion trends.

Other than neat graphic eyeliner, the trend in 2015 seems to be for a more messy worn in look.

The trend for defined brows is likely to be replaced with a softer more natural look. To stay ahead of the trend, try using a thinner brow pencil to draw on hairs where your brows may be sparse.

In line with the softer more natural look, contouring, as we know it is likely to be given a shake up. Instead of the harsh over exaggerated contour using highly contrasting shades, we are likely to see a more natural look.

This softer and more blended out contour is so easy to achieve and is a lot more wearable than the conventional contour. Simply dust some bronzer into the hollows of your cheekbones and a little on your temples, then dust the top of the cheekbones with highlighter. To give the more worn in look, simply blend these two shades together a little.

And there you have it, the key beauty trends we are likely to see in 2015. Tweet us @Flacourmag if you could see yourself rocking these trends this year.

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