Meg Turney has just released photo’s from her sexiest photo shoot ever!

Shooting with The Chive, Meg Turney wears a selection of sexy clothing from thongs to cosplay outfits and more.

One of our favourite Meg Turney gif's EVER!
One of our favourite Meg Turney gif’s EVER!

Sexy and seductive, the girl gamer who we recently interviewed on How to Date Meg Turney, looks stunning in this brand spanking new gif gallery below.

Meg Turney Sexiest Photo Shoot ever!
Feast your eyes on this amazing Meg Turney Gif!

Ladies, if you like what you see, then you can GET THE MEG TURNEY LOOK with this stunning selection of green goddess lingerie style. But before you see Meg Turney’s 2016 The Chive photo shoot, feast your eyes on the behind the scenes video from the shoot.

WOW, Christmas has come early and Meg Turney is our Santa. Have you been a good girl or boy this year? Of course, you have. Here are all the gif’s so far, from Meg Turney’s 2016 sexiest photo shoot ever with The Chive.

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Meg Turney thong gif

The only challenge left, is deciding which gif you like the best. Leave your comments below, as we simply can’t choose, but the gif’s below are awesome.


meg-turney-chive-2-compressedAnd don’t forget to read our EXCLUSIVE: MEG TURNEY INTERVIEW if you haven’t already.