Planning a Euro trip this year? Want to get the most out of your holiday for your budget? Here’s our quick guide on How to organize a 2014 EuroTrip.

1. Decide your budget.

Budget, budget, budget. Your do not need to break the bank in order to have a wonderful holiday experience, and yes you can also throw caution to the wind and have an all out budget blowing holiday.

2. Choose your destination.

Sounds easy right? wrong. There are many places to visit in Europe, from city breaks to beach holidays. So the first thing you need to decided is which of the above 2 you prefer or if your like me and do not mind a multi location visit, you can always do a bit of both. Take a read of our choosing the right holiday destination article for tips and advise.

However you my find that your mind will be far more at ease if you decide pre-hand what you would like to spend on this holiday. Maybe start of with a £500 budget for flights, accommodation, transfers and holiday insurance. You will probably find that you can get an all-inclusive or bed & breakfast 4-5 star holiday with this price, based on 2 people. Take a look at holiday comparison site and see what tickles your fancy.

3. Transportation.

You have landed in a beautiful country, the sun is shining, and you are about to embark on your journey, do you hail a local taxi? Do you ride the subway? Do you hike it to your hotel/villa/hostel? The answer is NO! You should have thought about this before you left.You can use websites such as GoEuro to compare and plan your transportation before you land. Type in your to and from destination and let them do the rest. Give it try.

As you will see, it’s not that hard is it? A visit to Lonely Planet is always useful too, however be aware that some of the comments holidays can sometimes be written by a holiday maker who was compelled with enough velocity to complain and write a bad comment, because if you are someone like me, then if the holiday is good, that’s it. I really do not have time to go back to a site and write a good review.

We hope you enjoyed reading our simple guide. If you have any tips or things you would like to add to this, then please leave your comments below.

Happy Holidays.