Fear Street is a new three-part bloody teen slaying horror series, recently released on Netflix by Leigh Janiak (based on R.L. Stine’s Fear Street book series).

The three-part movie series perfectly combines elements of different genres together, such as drama, mystery and horror. Which makes the ‘Killer Trilogy’ a really good watch, whether you are watching alone or with friends. Fear Street stars some great actors from big-name movies and TV series, such as Sadie Sink (Stranger Things), Benjamin Flores Jr. (Your Honor) & Kiana Madeira (Trinkets). 

1. Fear Street Shows Its Respect To OG Horror Films & TV series.

Fear Street is like a game filled with ‘Easter Eggs’. The trilogy pays homage to older horror films in various sequences throughout the series. If you are a fan of horror films, then you will notice the influence of big-name titles, such as Scream, Friday, The 13th, The Blair Witch Project, Halloween & More. I get a little Scooby-Doo vibe with the group of teen friends trying to solve the town’s mystery. With the influence of these titles, Fear Street presents you with something never seen before but also very nostalgic. If you love horrors, then I’d definitely recommend this to watch.

2. Short wait for sequels.

I really like the way Fear Street has been released, usually, movies have a long wait before the sequels and/or prequels are released. We have seen many big-name titles, starting off with one movie and if that movie does really well, the directors then begin to expand on the story with sequels and/or prequels.

Leigh Janiak took a different and very surprising route to other big-name titles and to be honest I think this way is better. Fear Street: Part 1 released on the 2nd July 2021 with the release of the other two prequels set to release a week after each other. Now to me, I prefer this way because I personally don’t like to wait years for a sequel or prequel, as I think sometimes it can kill a movie franchise. Fear Street makes perfect use of their platform by releasing like this, especially being a Netflix Original. This leaves fans of Fear Street: Part 1 in suspense, whilst having a short break before heading into Part 2 & 3. I’d love to see more movies take this approach in the future.

3. Different Settings & Time Periods.

The Fear Street: Trilogy uses each of their 3 parts wisely, as the story unfolds. The first part of Fear Street is set in the ’90s (1994), where a teenage group of school friends accidentally come into contact with the ancient evil curse that is responsible for the blood of many innocent people in their town and also possessing the killers throughout the movie.

The second part is set in the 70s (1978) and takes place at a summer camp called Camp Nightwing. In this part, we get a little more insight into how and why things are happening in their town. As summer activities are about to take place, a camper among them is possessed by the ancient curse and decides to go on a gory camper hack and slash killing spree.

Lastly, the third part is set in 1666. This way further back than the two parts before but this where we see the origins. Revealing the history and the knowledge to change their lives and the lives of everyone in their town for good. This part is set to release on the 16th July 2021 and personally, I am really excited to watch this final part of the Killer Trilogy!

Fear Street is OUT NOW on Netflix