Not everybody is cut out to work for the man. It’s easier than ever to start your own business, because the internet brings a whole world of customers right to your service or product.

You may not know how to start a business, but this doesn’t mean you can’t figure it out. Many people are doing this every single day and enjoying the freedom and flexibility that it provides. Sure, it’s challenging, but it’s doable and potentially very profitable. Here are three signs that you might be cut out for the job.

1. You Are Internet Savvy. If you have even moderate experience using the internet (and who doesn’t these days), you already have an inherent notion about how modern businesses interact with their customers. You know how a business website and ecommerce solution should look and feel. You understand what a natural and authentic business social media presence can accomplish. Internet users are customers. Because of this experience, they know what customers want in a business. You’ve had personal experiences with sites like Amazon, Zwivel, and Netflix. If you can create a business that utilizes the web in a way that would please you as a customer, you just might be a great entrepreneur.

2. You Have Basic Skills and Are Willing to Learn. You likely already have some knowledge or skill that you can translate into a business. You will need to expand no this knowledge and learn how to use modern business practices to make it relevant and marketable. Many people get intimidated by the idea of starting a business, simply because they’ve never done something like that before. The fact is, nobody starts out in the business world as an expert. Everyone experiences trial and error along the learning curve. Stick with it and you’ll be a great business person in no time.

3. You Know Where to Look for Help. Almost no one can build a business on their own. We all need the expertise of people we don’t know to make our businesses happen. Somewhere in the world there are people who can help you create the service or product that you imagine, as well as creating the pathways to bring it to market. It’s important to look for these people through job hunting sites, at conventions, through job hunters. The social aspect of becoming a business is as important as the technological aspects. You never know what expertise you’re missing out on simply because you haven’t met the right people yet. Don’t let social stress keep you from success. Find out a way to meet the people who will make your business great.

Few people are naturally business savvy. You may not feel like you have what it takes, but if you have some fundamental knowledge and are willing to work and learn, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. You may be able to create a business and work for yourself in less time, and with less effort, than you previously thought possible.